Top five free gaming apps for the PC

Love your gaming PC but want more power out of it

Many people love gaming on their PCs, in fact lots prefer having their own customised rig instead of a games console.

Your own system allows you to fine tune things to get every last gram of performance out of it. Here are a list of gaming apps that can help make your PC run faster.

There are also free gaming apps to find new great games to play on your gaming system as well tools to record and upload your own gaming videos to Twitch or YouTube to impress your friends with.


When playing online multiplayer games, an extra few frames per second can make all the difference between life and death. Fraps is a great tool to help boost performance of your display and graphics performance by showing you just how many frames per second your rig is displaying.

A window sits in the corner of the display while you are playing and gives you an indication of how fast the game is.

As an added bonus, Fraps also record footage of what you are playing. The free version limits this to 30 seconds of recording and is watermarked. The paid version (for £24) removes the watermark and time limitation.

Download Fraps here.


If you are playing multiplayer games online, it is necessary to be able to talk to others during a session. The software provides lightweight VoIP to gamers to stay in contact during a game.

Ventrilo server and client are both available as freeware for use with up to 8 people on the same server. Any more than that requires renting a server.

As the software has been around for years, the code is pretty stable and effective for gamers that want a tool to work without hindering game play.

Download Ventrillo here.


If your gaming PC is a little old and perhaps the graphics card isn't as powerful as the latest and greatest, then give Raptr a bash. The tool has been developed in association with Intel and increases the performance of PCs, especially ones with Intel HD integrated graphics chipsets. Aside from tweaking settings to boost frame rates, it can find graphics driver updates as well as gaming recording and streaming features.

Download Raptr here.


Open Broadcaster Software (or OBS to its friends) is the tool you need if you was people to see how good you are at gaming. The software helps you stream your videos online and it is one of the most popular to use on game streaming site Twitch.

The tool is completely free and supports H.264 and Quick Sync from Intel. The tool allows users to combine footage from games with other things such as a running commentary or a webcam of you playing the game as the same time.

Download OBS here.

Game Booster

When using a CP for gaming, it still uses other processes that run in the background that can have a detrimental effect on your gaming performance. These processes can take up memory and processor cycles you could be using to increase gaming performance.

Game Booster is a software tool that lets you turn these processes off when gaming to maximise power and memory. There is a tweaking option that enables gamers to tune up Windows and its settings. A diagnostic tool help[s in analysis of crashes too.

Download Game Booster here.