The Nespresso Coffee+ range is coffee reimagined, and I'm never going back

It's a range designed for coffee lovers wanting more from their cup

Nespresso Vertuo Coffee+ range
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When it comes to coffee, there's a lot of conflicting advice about what we drink and how often we should be drinking it. We're told to drink matcha instead of coffee and never to drink coffee first thing in the morning, but we're also told that a few cups a day can help cardiovascular health. It's so confusing!

I'm personally a huge coffee fan. Not only do I love having a fresh cup in the mornings, but I love the variety it brings. Owning a pod coffee machine has been a great way to explore this and I love trying out all the different capsules that are available. I currently have the Nespresso Vertuo Plus if you're interested, and it's absolutely wonderful. Did you know that each of the Nespresso Vertuo machines read the barcode on the capsule, meaning it works everything out and produces your drink just as it should be? I didn't know until I got one, and it blew my mind. 

Like any usual pay day, I was casually scrolling through the Nespresso website (don't judge - it's a priority for me okay?) when I came across the Nespresso Coffee+ range. There are currently 4 pods in the range, all of which are designed for coffee lovers wanting more from their coffee moments. The first two capsules are Melozio and Stormio Boost, which provide 20% more caffeine than the regular blends. The next is Vivida B12, which provides 25% of the daily recommended intake of vitamin B12 in one capsule. The last capsule is a recent addition, Ginseng Delight, a blend infused with a botanical ingredient called Panax Ginseng extract. The range is fully focused on optimising a singular cup of coffee by pushing the boundaries of coffee innovation and maintaining an unwavering commitment to exceptional quality. I just knew I had to try them. 

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Stormio Boost

Nespresso Stormio Boost pod

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The Nespresso Stormio Boost capsule is one of two capsules in the Coffee+ range that includes 20% more natural caffeine than a normal capsule. I was excited to try this one as I always try to stick to one cup of coffee in the mornings, often turning out to be a struggle if I'm feeling tired. Each capsule is infused with caffeine found naturally in coffee by putting the beans through an intricate steam treatment process where the steam is saturated with caffeine molecules obtained from the decaffeination of other coffee beans, increasing the total amount of caffeine.

The Stormio Boost capsule has an intensity level of 8 and comes as a 230ml serving, so you're getting a lot from just a small pod. When I first tasted it, I noticed it was rather bitter with a lot of woody notes coming through. I added a dash of milk and a sweetener which toned it down quite a bit, but it's a perfect choice for anyone who really likes the strong taste of coffee. 

A sleeve of 10 is available on the Nespresso website for £7.90. 

Melozio Boost

Nespresso Melozio Boost pod

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Just like the Stormio Boost, the Melozio Boost also contains 20% more caffeine than a regular capsule. However, its intensity level is a little less, coming in at a 6. This makes it less bitter than the Stormio Boost and I found it was a lot smoother to drink. It also has a much sweeter taste which made it a great option to have as a bit of an afternoon boost, perfect for beating that dreaded energy slump

Just like the Melozio Boost, it comes as a 230ml serving. There's also a regular Melozio capsule available as well as a caffeine free version - perfect if you like the taste of the blend but prefer something a little less strong. 

A sleeve of 10 is available on the Nespresso website for £7.90. 

Vivida B12

Nespresso Vivida B12

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The Vivida B12 capsule is the only pod in the range that has added vitamins. Vitamin B12 is known to support to the normal functioning of the immune system and there's enough of it in one cup of Vivida to give you 25% of the recommended daily value. Whilst it's not recommended to have four daily cups in order to reach that allowance, it's nice to know that I was contributing to my overall wellbeing just through a cup or two of coffee. Who would've thought?!

The Vivida B12 also has a sweet taste with warming biscuity notes. As it was a 230ml serving, I just had to add a small amount of milk and it was perfect. The temperature has significantly dropped over the past few days, so having a Vivida B12 coffee in the mornings has been the perfect way to start the day. 

A sleeve of 10 is available on the Nespresso website for £7.90. 

Ginseng Delight

Nespresso Ginseng Delight

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Whilst I really enjoyed the other capsules in the Coffee+ range, I'm going to have to say that the Ginseng Delight is probably my favourite. It's made from a smooth blend of Latin American Arabica and Ugandan Robusta, as well as a botanical ingredient called Panax Ginseng Extract. Over 2000 years ago, Panax Ginseng was praised in China as the 'king of herbs', known to exert healing properties. 

The blend has delicious caramel and biscuit cake notes, combined with the distinct taste of ginseng and subtle earthy notes. From my first cup, I absolutely loved the taste and have firmly made my way through the sleeve ever since. Unlike the other capsules, it comes as an 80ml serving. This means you can either add hot water and a dash of milk for the perfect cup, or you can use a milk frother for something special. If you like a sweeter coffee that's nice and rounded, then the Ginseng Delight capsules are for you. 

A sleeve of 10 is available on the Nespresso website for £7.90. 

The Coffee+ range is compatible with Nespresso Vertuo Machines only, starting from RRP £69 and available on their website. Check out our reviews of the Nespresso Vertuo range:

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Nespresso is on a mission to ensure as many people as possible recycle their used capsules, and it is now easier than ever thanks to a new partnership between Nespresso and Royal Mail. Anyone can book a Royal Mail doorstep collection for their used Nespresso capsules, or there is the option of dropping them off at any of Royal Mail’s 14,000+ drop-of locations across the UK. 

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