Should you buy the Apple Watch Series 7 on Black Friday?

Is it worth getting the last previous generation Apple Watch on Black Friday? Here's everything you need to know…

Apple Watch Series 7
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The Apple Watch 7 isn't the newest Apple Watch anymore. Still, it's a bit more affordable even though Apple no longer sells it directly. That makes it a prime candidate for other retailers to sell during Black Friday, so they can clear some excess stock. But should you buy one on Black Friday? Is it wise to invest in the older Apple Watch model when newer models are out there?

Launched in 2021, the Apple Watch 7 has already gained two successors -- the Apple Watch 8 and the Apple Watch Ultra. If you love your tech as new as possible, you might worry that the Apple Watch 7 is outdated. In terms of features and looks, it's very different from the Apple Watch Ultra, for instance. 

However, many of the best Apple Watches are more subtle in their changes with the Apple Watch Ultra being an outlier by being a very different Apple Watch model than any of the others. Instead, the differences between the Apple Watch 7 and other standard Apple Watches is much more incremental. The older Apple Watch 7 will suit you just as well as paying the extra for a newer revision, all while saving a fair amount of cash along the way.

Apple Watch Series 7 Edition

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How much is the Apple Watch 7 on Black Friday?

The Apple Watch 7 currently retails for around $310/£370 at third-party retailers such as Amazon in the US and UK. That's compared to the Apple Watch 8 selling for around $390/£400.

These are pre-Black Friday sales and it all depends on where you look. For instance, some of the best discounts on the Apple Watch 7 are for the GPS + Cellular models rather than the cheaper GPS-only model. If you're willing to go for the pricier models, you may find the discounts going deeper. 

Once Black Friday hits fully, we may see the Apple Watch 7 dip below $300 and hover around the £330 mark. That could be a more significant discount than the incremental price cuts we're likely to see for the Apple Watch 8.

Below, we've got all the best Apple Watch 7 deals at any given point, adjusted for your location, so you don't have to look.

Which features does the Apple Watch 7 have?

It might seem obvious that the Apple Watch 8 will have far superior features to the Apple Watch 7, but you'll be surprised how little difference there is. 

The Apple Watch 7 has an always-on retina display like the Apple Watch 8, so you can always see the time or anything else you've chosen your watch face to show. As with all Apple Watches, the Apple Watch 7 is only compatible with iOS, so you'll need an iPhone to use it. Luckily, the iPhone 14 Pro Max is one of the best smartphones around with plenty of other excellent iPhones to choose from. 

Apple Watch Series 7

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Where the Apple Watch 7 misses out is when it comes to speed and an extra sensor. The Apple Watch 8 uses the latest S8 processor, while the Apple Watch 7 has the S7. According to Apple, the S8 is about 20% faster than the S7. That's only likely to be noticeable if you use it a lot to switch between apps or to message or call someone. For typical daily use, you're unlikely to delve into the menus that often to notice a speed difference. 

The Apple Watch 7 also lacks crash detection and a temperature sensor. The former is helpful in case of a severe crash, being able to automatically call for help, but we're hoping this will be very rarely needed. The temperature sensor on the Apple Watch 8 helps retroactively track ovulation, but if you're not interested (or don't need to) follow your menstrual cycle, it's far from essential. 

The Apple Watch 8 also has a new low-power mode which should help improve battery life, but on paper, both Apple Watch 7 and 8 have the same battery life of about 18-24 hours. 

The Apple Watch 7 will still monitor your heart rate, sleep, and everyday activities. Apple's Activity Rings also encourage you to burn more calories, exercise more, and stand up regularly. It's also swim-proof so you can take it in the pool. 

Apple Watch Series 7

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If you're solely looking for a device to track your workouts and movements each day while also giving notifications to your wrist, the Apple Watch 7 will feel similar to buying the more expensive Apple Watch 8. 

Things differ if you’re comparing the Apple Watch 7 or 8 to the Apple Watch Ultra, but that’s also a very different budget. A straight-up comparison between Apple Watch Series 8 and Series 7 will show you that there's hardly anything in it. 

 So, should you buy an Apple Watch 7 on Black Friday? 

Knowing your budget is the answer to this question. If you can afford it, it makes sense to buy the Apple Watch 8 as it's the latest model. You get extra speed, a couple of additional sensors, and the sense of satisfaction from knowing you've got the latest and greatest. 

However, you could save a lot of money by buying the slightly older Apple Watch 7. It's only a year older and still provides almost all of the features you'd see in the Apple Watch 8. It will still track all your workouts and daily activities while also handling notifications and providing contactless payments. If you're keen to track down the best Black Friday deals, you'll almost certainly be as happy with the Apple Watch 7 as you would the 8. 

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