These men's underwear made me reconsider what the word 'comfortable' means

Let's talk about SAXX, baby

SAXX Underwear
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It's not often that a product makes me slap my forehead and exclaim, "Why did no one think of this before?" but that happened to me when I first heard about SAXX, a fine purveyor of men's underwear, creators of the BallPark Pouch technology that does exactly what you think – keeps things in place down below.

Now, I know this might make people chuckle, but SAXX described the BallPark Pouch technology as a "scientifically engineered pouch that secures your balls in the most comfortable thing in the world – a hammock." Hey, look, balls, haha, hilarious. It's a sad state of affairs that we can't talk about chafing and general comfort levels in men's underwear in a non-banalised way, even though it affects all of us.

Don't get me wrong; when I was first told that the SAXX team showcased the efficiency of its pants by putting two oranges in the hammock, I cracked a smile, too, as the thought of putting oranges in underwear is plain silly. However, it helps put things in perspective, especially for those who don't understand the struggle of having male reproductive organs. Check out this promo video from the SAXX team:

Entertaining and true: if you can't look after your own balls, can you really look after anything? After learning about the tech and receiving a review sample of the rather handsome-looking SAXX pants – featuring a design created in collaboration with artists Sam Taylor – I was eager to give them a try.

I instantly felt the difference as soon as I put them on. The hammock helped separate things in the underwear, which reduced chafing and discomfort. No more touching yourself inappropriately in public to rearrange everything downstairs! Bye-bye discomfort when sitting down for too long! It was (not) nice knowing you; you may now leave.

There was another reason why I was looking forward to trying the SAXX pants: they make an excellent Christmas present. Sure, we're all busy window-shopping the best Black Friday deals, but clever people will use this period to shop for Christmas presents for cheap, and the SAXX pants are excellent Christmas gift ideas.

They are cheap enough to be gifted to relatives or even friends and unique enough, so people don't think you're boring. And, based on my experience wearing the SAXX underwear, they are comfortable, too, so people will actually appreciate your thoughtful gift. You can buy SAXX underwear directly from SAXX. Check out the Sam Taylor collab here. Have a look at all Print Stories collections here.

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