Power up your summer with a Jackery Solar Generator

This summer, enjoy the Solar Way with Jackery Solar Generators

 Jackery Solar Generators
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With the sun on your skin and the sounds of the ocean in your ears, it can only mean one thing: summer’s here! Solar generator pioneer Jackery is one of the world's top-selling solar generator brands, and this summer it wants you to get outdoors and get SOLAR READY for summer travel. Its stunning solar generators can power up everything from your mobile to your mobile home's coffee maker

From now until the end of July, as well as helping you learn more about its self-sufficient, solar-powered solutions, Jackery is also offering you the chance to enter amazing competitions. The prize, not surprisingly is one of its Solar Generators. 

What is a Jackery Solar Generator?

Jackery Solar Generators

(Image credit: Jackery)

Jackery Solar Generators are a solar solution combining portable power stations – the Explorer Series – with solar panels – the SolarSaga Series. Together, they convert solar energy captured by the panels into electrical power, storing it in a portable power station for later use. You can then charge a huge range of electronic devices including phones, laptops, cameras, powering mini coolers, coffee makers and more.

What can you use a Jackery Solar Generator for?

Solar energy is the ideal independent power source, whether you're on a summer camping trip or you need an emergency power supply at home. Above all, it's perfect for when you want to have fun and stay independent, in the outdoors. The Solar Way is the better way: it does minimal harm to the environment and offers maximum enjoyment, wherever your travels take you.

Three ways Jackery Solar Generator lets you enjoy the Solar Way

Jackery Solar Generators

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Endless Power: solving outdoor power problems to take your outdoor exploration to the next level

As the perfect sustainable energy source, solar energy is a power you can rely on for endless power on all your travels. The Jackery Solar Generator harnesses energy from the sun, efficiently converting it into electricity. It powers multiple devices simultaneously, allowing you to stay powered for days, off-grid, and relieving range anxiety when driving. All you need to do is unfold the solar panel, face it towards the sun and connect it with the portable power station.

Cost-Friendly: solar power is the green and free alternative to expensive gas

Jackery Solar Generators

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Solar energy has one huge advantage over traditional energy sources: it's free to use! The sooner you start going solar, the sooner you’ll start saving money on energy bills. As energy prices soar, fuel costs associated with buying a petrol generator will soar with them. A solar generator is a great one-time purchase because the sun that powers it will always remain free. It's a great investment for your future and the planet's, with solar charging being much kinder to our planet. What more reason do you need to experience the amazing benefits of solar energy on your travels from this summer onwards? 

Prep Better: Jackery provides reliable back-up power when it's needed the most

Jackery Solar Generators

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During summer, soaring electricity demand can lead to blackouts. Don’t risk that this summer; with Jackery’s Solar Generators, you’ll always be prepared. And if you've been relying on conventional generators to cope with power outages, solar energy is a better alternative – keeping power on in the event of an accident, without the need for expensive fuel.

Jackery has a Solar Generator for every need

Jackery Solar Generator 1000

Whether you're an outdoor enthusiast planning a holiday, or outdoor photographer who loves experiencing the beauty of nature in remote areas, the Jackery Solar Generator 1000 is the perfect travel companion. Using 1,002 watts of capacity combined with two solar panels, this fantastic set-up allows you to be off-grid for days at a time, letting you use all your tech whilst enjoying outdoor life. From keeping your drinks cool to charging your state-of-the-art drones or electric mountain bike, Jackery is a game changer that does it all.

Jackery Solar Generator 500

This incredibly compact Solar Generator is perfect for summer beach trips and road trips. The Jackery Solar Generator 500 will keep the grill running and your camera charged. Explorer 500 weighs only 13.3lb, yet it can charge all your tech, with up to 500W of power. That's enough to charge the average mobile phone no fewer than 53 times, or the average camera battery a brilliant 25 times. Paired with a 100W solar panel, The Jackery Solar Generator 500 is light, powerful, and the perfect grab-and-go, with reliable power.

Going solar crushes outdoor power problems

Harnessing FREE energy straight from the sun, Jackery is this summer's must-have for all your most enjoyable trips away and outdoor adventures. 

A reliable provider since 2012, Jackery has been engaged in the research, manufacture and sale of sustainable, green and user-friendly solar energy solutions for the outdoors and home emergency use. Jackery has already sold over 1.5 million units worldwide and is now recognized by over 100 authorized media and organizations worldwide.

PLUS! Get up to 30% off, this Amazon Prime Day

Jackery Generator Amazon Prime Day deals

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From July 12-13, you can get UP TO 30% OFF all Jackerey products for only two days! From July 14-17 the discounts continue with UP TO 20% OFF.


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