Luxury appliances that'll make your guests gasp

The LG SIGNATURE range offers the ultimate in elegance, engineering, style and simplicity

(Image credit: LG)

When artists create something incredible, they sign their name to it. LG has done the same with its SIGNATURE range of intelligent appliances. They’re beautifully designed, precision engineered luxury products that combine timeless design with state of the art technology. 

Timeless design. Tomorrow’s technology today

With its textured steel and black diamond glass finish, the LG SIGNATURE American Fridge Freezer is sleek, stylish and strik ingly futuristic. It looks great in any environment, and there’s plenty of technological substance to match its timeless style. 

We love the way you can knock twice on the sleek mirrored glass of the InstaView Door-in-Door™ panel and immediately see what’s inside. It’s no gimmick: not having to open the door means no air loss, so even the most delicate foods stay fresh and flavourful for longer. And when you do need to open the door, LG’s FRESHShield™ technology creates a thermal barrier of cold air to preserve the inside temperature and keep freshness locked in. 

If you’ve ever tried and failed to find the right temperature for your fridge only to find your drinks too warm or your veg starting to freeze, you’ll appreciate the accuracy of LG’s innovative Centum System™: it ensures that your food and drink always stays at the perfect temperature and its heart, the eco-friendly Inverter Linear Compressor, is an engineering marvel that’s guaranteed for 20 years.

(Image credit: LG)

Our favourite feature is the smart sensor that knows when you’ve got armfuls of shopping. Simply place your foot below it and Auto Open Door will gently open the door so you can unload your shopping with ease. You can also access the freezer drawers more easily than ever thanks to the Auto Open Drawer that slides the freezer drawers towards you every time you open the freezer door. It’s wonderfully decadent and makes us smile every time, but it’s also genuinely useful. It’s a great example of how the LG SIGNATURE range doesn’t do technology for technology’s sake: every innovation is there because it does something that’ll delight you.

A finer way to care for fine wine

Many of us dream of having a well-stocked wine cellar, but don’t have the cavernous cave – or the time, temperature and technology – to keep fine wines in perfect conditions. Thanks to the LG SIGNATURE Wine Cellar, we don’t need to. It delivers all the subtlety of perfectly stored wine with the convenience of a modern luxury appliance.

It’s a striking looking thing, quietly impressive without needing to shout. The stunning black mirrored glass door blocks heat and ultraviolet radiation to protect the most delicate flavours, and InstaView ™ technology enables you to check on your collection without losing even a breath of the perfectly chilled air. Behind that striking black-mirror glass there’s a set of highly responsive touch controls that only reveal themselves when you need them. 

(Image credit: LG)

Few of us only drink one kind of wine, and the LG SIGNATURE Wine Cellar is equally open-minded. Its multi-temperature control delivers three distinct temperature zones to perfectly suit red, white and sparkling wines. Whichever you prefer, Optimal Preservation Technology™ removes the excess vibrations and temperature and humidity fluctuations that can impact the bouquet and have negative effects on flavour. 

You can tell that the LG SIGNATURE Wine Cellar was designed for real people: its stylish textured steel body conceals a convertible drawer that enables you to create the perfect environment for your food pairings so everything’s to hand when you’re entertaining.

If like us you’re a fan of smart home technology, you’ll appreciate LG’s ThinQ™ app. It makes the LG SIGNATURE range even more convenient by enabling you to monitor, control and enhance your appliances from your phone or tablet.

Smart technology for whisper-quiet washes

We don’t just want our appliances to be beautiful. We want them to make our lives better too. Take the LG SIGNATURE Washing Machine, which delivers the most important feature of all: time. Its dual control TWINWash™ system enables you to do two things at once: clean two different fabric s types, two separate colours, or run an urgent and a non-urgent wash simultaneously.

(Image credit: LG)

That’s not all. The SIGNATURE enables you to add detergent and softener and then forget about them for the next 20 washes. It automatically calculates the perfect mix for every load and cycle, delivering the right quantities at the right time with zero waste. And you needn’t worry about it disturbing your dinner or drowning out your music: its Centum System™ uses clever engineering and innovative design to dramatically reduce noise and vibration for whisper-quiet performance. 

That doesn’t just mean a quieter life but a longer one too: the SIGNATURE is built to last, with an exterior that’s as tough as the interior. Its white enamel body is corrosion-proof and exceptionally easy to clean, while the contrasting black door that makes it look so futuristic is both scratch-proof and crack-proof. 

Superb service comes as standard

When you buy an LG SIGNATURE product from you’re not just getting an exceptional product, you’re getting exceptional service too. For a strictly limited time, every LG SIGNATURE model will include a free, premium despatch service that’ll deliver and install your LG SIGNATURE appliance and recycle your old one. 

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