This LG EcoHybrid™ tumble dryer is an eco-friendly way to give your clothes a longer life

… And it also blows away the dreaded lint

LG FDV909W EcoHybrid™ Tumble Dryer
(Image credit: LG)

If you want to score more sustainability points and keep your favourite outfits looking brand new for longer, you can’t do better than an LG laundry appliance. An LG tumble dryer is the perfect partner to one of their eco-friendly and brilliantly engineered LG washing machines. It’ll help keep your clothes looking great for years to come.

That’s not just good news for your wardrobe, it’s good for the planet. Worryingly, the equivalent of a rubbish truck load of clothes is burnt or buried in landfill every second. LG wants to help put a stop to that, working in conjunction with the Ellen McArthur Foundation. LG knows that the most sustainable garments are the ones you already own. Properly maintaining your clothes, using the fabric protecting features found in LG’s tumble dryers and other laundry appliances, can make your everyday more sustainable.

LG’s laundry range is topped by the incredible Styler but it also makes loads of great washing machines and tumble dryers, designed to protect and preserve your clothes. Take the LG FDV909W EcoHybrid™ Tumble Dryer, for example.  

This tumble dryer with Dual Inverter Heat Pump technology can gently dry using low-heat temperature, helping to reduce shrinkage. As well as a big 9kg capacity, this tumble dryer also has a brilliant system to rid the drum of lint!

LG FDV909W EcoHybrid™ Tumble Dryer: gently drying and caring for your clothes

LG FDV909W EcoHybrid™ Tumble Dryer

(Image credit: LG)

The LG FDV909W EcoHybrid™ Tumble Dryer is your washing machine’s perfect partner. LG’s unique Dual Inverter Heat Pump consumes less energy without sacrificing cycle quality. This brilliant machine also offers you the choice of a low-energy drying cycle or a rapid one, when you’re in a hurry. 

No wonder the LG FDV909W EcoHybrid™ Tumble Dryer scooped a Which? Best Buy award. 

A closer look at the tech inside LG FDV909W EcoHybrid™ Tumble Dryer

EcoHybrid™ This ingenious tech gives you the option of drying at low temperatures with heat pump technology, so your clothes are gently returned to a ‘box fresh’ state and you save on energy usage. However if you’re in a rush to get ready for an evening out, there’s also the option of a brilliant quick-dry cycle. 

Auto Cleaning Condenser Lint be gone! LG's Auto Cleaning Condenser uses powerful air jets to blast lint build up from the condenser. That means performance is kept consistent without the hassle of manual cleaning… and you aren’t plagued by lint.

Dual Inverter Heat Pump™ For clothes that feel like new, you can’t beat this brilliant bit of tumble drying tech. A merger of energy efficiency and performance, it’s backed by a full, 10-year warranty. Now that’s peace of mind.

Tempered Glass Door This provides strong durability and a strong look. The elegant design reflects the LG FDV909W EcoHybrid™ Tumble Dryer’s clothes-preserving performance, with a look that’s timeless.

Smart Pairing If you have a compatible LG washing machine, the LG FDV909W EcoHybrid™ Tumble Dryer can now wirelessly receive cycle information from it. Using this data, it can synchronise the cycle to give your clothes optimum protection, making your laundry day a breeze.

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