Keep your favorite clothes looking great for longer with LG AI DD™ washing machine

Gentler washing helps save your favourite garments and help save the planet

(Image credit: LG)

Nobody wants to see their most beloved outfits fade and shrink. The great news is that with a modern washing machine from LG, you can stop the hands of time and keep your clothes looking great for years to come.

That’s not just good news for your wardrobe, it’s good for the planet. It’s a chastening fact that every second, the equivalent of a rubbish truck load of clothes is burnt or buried in landfill. LG wants to help put a stop to that, and it’s doing that by building machines that keep your clothes looking box-fresh for longer.

LG’s laundry range is topped by the Styler but it also makes a large number of great washing machines and tumble dryers, designed to protect and preserve your clothes. Its washing machines use AI DD™ (direct drive) motor technology and intelligent fabric care to give superb protection to your clothes during the wash.

Take the LG Turbowash360™ F4V909WTSE, for example. Able to take a 9kg load, with a maximum spin speed of 1400rpm, this LG laundry day hero has AI DD™ and a raft of other unique LG technologies. Let’s take a closer look…

LG AI DD™ F4V909WTSE: cleaning and caring for your clothes

LG Turbowash360

(Image credit: LG)

AI DD™ This fabric-saving feature leverages the power of Deep Learning computing. Based on LG’s 3rd-Gen Beltless Direct Drive, it automatically detects the weight and softness of your clothes and calculates the best possible drum movement to prevent them from catching or being pummelled. You get a full 18% more fabric protection than a standard machine.

LG is so confident in the effectiveness of AI DD™ that they give you a 10-year warranty on their Direct Drive motor.

LG Steam™ With allergy and baby care programmes, this sanitises your clothes with pure water. It eliminates 99.9% of allergens and bacteria, so your clothes are hygienically clean and noticeably softer on your skin, without the need for harsh chemicals. Awarded the British Allergy Foundation Seal of Approval, no less.

LG ThinQ™ This clever phone app keeps you in control of your washing machine wherever you may be. You can start or schedule a wash, and check up on its progress. It also tracks energy used and can be combined with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa for voice control.

Turbowash™ Designed with you in mind, this sleek and stylish washing machine can get through a laundry cycle in just 39 minutes, thanks to Turbowash™ tech. It does this by washing fabrics more like a shower than a bath, with a multi-directional pressure jet spraying water directly onto clothes. The result? You save you up to 28% on energy costs per wash. It’s fast but it’s also gentle on delicate fabrics.

A bigger capacity in a standard sized machine The drums on LG washing machines are secured to minimise movement. That means less space is needed inside the washing machine, but the capacity is generous at 9kg.

A-rated for energy efficiency, spinning performance and noise level. No wonder the LG Turbowash360™ F4V909WTSE scooped a Which? Best Buy.

• Find out more and buy LG Turbowash360™ F4V909WTSE for £569.99 at John Lewis

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