I've designed the perfect Sunday reset routine for the best night's sleep

7 tips for creating a productive and relaxing Sunday reset routine

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I’ve covered wellness for a while now on T3, and it’s really opened my eyes to how practicing healthy habits can make a huge difference to your mental and physical health. Since the start of the year, I’ve been prioritising Sunday resets to get ready for the next week and get back in touch with myself… and I think I’ve created the perfect Sunday reset routine.

A Sunday reset is a day or schedule that you dedicate to preparing for the week ahead. The #SundayReset hashtag is huge on TikTok and Instagram, and not only are they satisfying to watch, but watching a few of these videos made me want to get on top of things before the start of a new week.

Having a Sunday reset can clear your mind and make you feel productive, calm and relaxed for the week ahead. Many people experience the Sunday scaries, and I used to as well before I started doing regular Sunday resets. I’ve been doing them for almost a full year now and I really look forward to them, especially because they help me sleep better at night.

Below are my tips and tricks on how to make the best Sunday reset routine to sleep well at night and conquer the upcoming week.

1. Create a Sunday reset to-do list

I like to start my Sunday by writing a to-do list of things I want to get done. Writing everything down helps to condense everything into one place, and if you’re worrying about how much you have to do, being able to see everything in front of you can make it more manageable. Once I’ve completed a task, I tick it off my list which is encouraging and gives a sense of accomplishment. I’d definitely recommend doing this as you’re less likely to forget anything and it keeps you accountable too.

2. Give your house a clean

‘Clean house, clean mind’ always rings true for me, so every Sunday, I clean my house. Some Sundays call for deep cleans while others are just simple tasks like cleaning out my fridge or running the best vacuum cleaner over the floors. The three things I always do on Sunday reset day is vacuum, change my towels and bedding (you’d be surprised by how often you should be changing your sheets), and give the bathroom a good scrub.

3. Meal prep for the week

If you’re a fitness fanatic, have kids or just don’t want to worry about what you’re eating for lunch everyday, doing a quick meal prep is a must. During my Sunday reset, I clear out my fridge, plan out my dinners for the week and do a food shop. After that, I’ll tidy everything away and I like to make lemon and ginger shots to kick start my week in a healthy way (see why you should be taking ginger shots in the morning for more details).

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4. Get active

Getting outside and staying active is very beneficial for your physical and mental health. Sunday is the day of the week where most people hibernate and as the weather starts to turn, chances are you’re less likely to want to go outside into the cold. But getting some fresh air and moving your body can make you feel refreshed and sleep better at night. Personally, I like to go for long runs on my Sundays but getting active can encompass many things, like going for a walk, doing a quick workout or gym session, having a stretch, and so on.

5. Stop putting off those boring tasks!

Sunday is the best time to do those boring tasks that you’ve been putting off during the week. I hate doing my ironing and tend to let my clothes pile up until I can’t ignore them anymore. Now, ironing is a regular part of my Sunday reset and means I have clean and crease-free clothes for the week. Set some time aside to get those boring tasks down and then you can reward yourself with the next step.

6. Do something fun for yourself

A non-negotiable for my Sunday resets is doing something fun for myself. Adding fun things to a to-do list along with important tasks means you’re more likely to tick off the boring jobs quicker so you can get to the good bits and give yourself a break. I always make time to do things that make me happy, like baking, reading, having a bath and prioritising my skincare. Sometimes if it’s been a long day, it can be as simple as watching a film, calling a friend or making a nice dinner, as long as it makes you feel relaxed and content.

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7. Fix your sleep schedule

One of the best tips for good sleep hygiene is to go to bed and wake up at the same time everyday including the weekends. I don’t know about you, but I’m terrible at keeping to this rule as I love to lie in on the weekend. But on a Sunday evening, I fix my sleep schedule by going to bed at a reasonable hour, taking my time winding down, not using my phone in bed and reading a couple chapters before going to sleep on my best mattress. A good night’s sleep is the perfect end to a successful Sunday reset.

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