Fallout 2 officially returning to Amazon Prime: 5 features that'll make it better than S1

What we want in our return to the Wasteland

Fallout TV show season 1 stills
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So, Fallout. Can we all agree it was amazing? Jonathan Nolan and the team have absolutely captured the essence of the video games and managed to create their own compelling narrative to go on top of it. 

Watching Lucy and the gang race around the wasteland was great fun, the show managed to capture the pitch-black comedy and super-violence of the games but also make us really care for individual characters. Lucy, Maximus and The Ghoul are a compelling set of protagonists, and after that ending, their stories are far from over. Luckily, the show's renewal for season 2 has already been confirmed!

Here are five things we'd love to see in season 2 of Fallout when it returns to Amazon Prime Video. Until then, I guess we'll have to replay the games

1. New Vegas

Fallout New Vegas

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Ok, so this is the most obvious thing to watch out for in Season 2. The show ends with a city looming large on the horizon, and it's clear to anyone that's played Obsidians Fallout: New Vegas that it's Sin City. 

But who is in New Vegas that Hank deems it the best place to retreat to? Vault-Tec? Or someone else? Mr House? One of the executives at that horrifying Vault-Tec meeting did bear a striking resemblance to him. 

On top of that, considering the showed declared that it was all about factions, will we see some different factions in New Vegas? How about the Greasers or the Great Khans? 

2. Deathclaws

Deathclaw in Fallout 4

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Many were surprised not to see arguably Fallout's most iconic creature in the first season of the show. We did at least see a Deathclaw skull, confirming the terrifying beasts do exist in the show's canon. 

Lucy is great at de-escalating a situation but I'd love to see her talk her way out of an encounter with one of these hulking beasts. It's probably a job for The Ghoul and his ultra-sharp aim. 

There are so many nasties we didn't get to see in the show, with Mirelurks, Assaultrons and Radscorpions just some of the creatures yet to feature.

3. Super Mutants

Fallout 4

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It feels unfair to lump Super Mutants in with the other creatures. Created by the FEV virus, perhaps season two of the show can explain how these green giants came to be.

They are also not all hostile, there have been a handful of friendly Super Mutants in the games. Most notably Fawkes from Fallout 3 and Strong from Fallout 4 can even become player companions, albeit Strong does lament often why you aren't feasting on your enemy's corpses, so friendly might be the wrong word.

Still, much like we had Maximus' story in the Brotherhood of Steel, I'd love to have a new protagonist who leaves his Super Mutant brothers behind for adventure. 

4. Answered Questions 

Fallout TV show season 1 stills

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Going back to the show itself, we're left with so many questions that we want answered. 

Norm's discovery raises so many essential questions. Will he freeze himself? Who is Betty and what is her ambition? Who was Stef?

Similarly, what about The Ghoul's wife and child (formerly Cooper Quinn)? We know Barb worked for Vault-Tec, so where is she? How did she and Cooper get separated?

One character who I really grew to like was fellow Brotherhood of Steel member Thaddeus. The last we see of him is his discovery (via arrow through the neck) that he's now a ghoul. He runs off, away from his former family. I need to see the rest of his story, how long until he becomes a fully-fledged ghoul? There's so much fuel for a second season.

5. More vaults

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Some of the biggest laughs of the show come from the incredible bureaucracy of the Vaults, as well as their secret experiments. Chris Parnell is superb as the hapless Overseer of Vault 4, where horrific monsters are created. 

But there is so much more to see. It's explained in the show that there are over 100 Vaults, and we only see four on screen. There are some truly bonkers Vaults in Fallout lore to draw from. 

Try 108, a Vault filled with clones of one man called Gary, who only spout their own name like some kind of Pokemon. There's also Vault 68 and 69 which were to contain 1000 people, with 999 men in one and 999 women in the other. These attempts at playing God for the sake of 'science' could be fascinating on screen. 

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