Etnies launches cool-but-rugged, snow-friendly skate shoe range

New Winterized range is snow joke

etnies 2021 Winterized Collection
(Image credit: Etnies)

Iconic skate shoe brand Etnies has branches out with a winter 2021 collection that's ready to take on the elements. The Winterized range is designed to happily tackle snows, see off sleet with aplomb and laugh in the face of drizzle. 

It's a smart move for Etnies, with rival skate brand Vans' releasing the third generation of its UltraRange earlier in the autumn. The Etnies Winterized collection aims to fill a similar 'stylish yet rugged' niche, although unlike Vans, Etnies has sadly stopped short of including wolves in its press photos. 

There are four styles in the collection: the Jameson HTW, Sultan SCW, Jefferson MTW and the Foreland. That first one comes in a 'Jeremy Jones' edition, with the backing of the professional snowboarder and environmental activist. All feature extra insulation, to keep your toes toasty when the temperature drops, water-resistant uppers (although no full waterproofing here, so don't be wading through streams or you might regret it), and extra-grippy outsoles, to keep you upright on icy ground.

Etnies 2021 Winterized collection

Clockwise from top left: Foreland, Jefferson MTW, Jameson HTW Jeremy Jones edition, Sultan SCW

(Image credit: Etnies)

The lack of proper waterproofing and relatively minimal lugs mean that they're not the best choice for proper winter adventures – for that, you'll want to pick something from our best hiking boots or best walking shoes guides. But they nevertheless boast plenty of features that promise to keep you that much comfier on a winter's day, and let you keep your street style intact while doing so. 

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