Devolo Magic Mesh with Wi-Fi spells the end of Wi-Fi blackspot misery

Ultrafast speeds with easy setup means you can game, watch TV and hear music non-stop

So… you’ve just sat down for a marathon online gaming session or record-breaking Netflix binge. All you can think of is the enjoyment you will be feeling. You’re buzzing. Everything is going great. And then you remember your home Wi-Fi is rubbish.

Several insufferable hours of buffering, stuttering and general wrongness later and you’re feeling down. “Maybe this new-fangled ‘internet’ is not for me,” you think, as you weep into your egg-nog.

But wait. There’s probably nothing wrong with your broadband connection; you only need a connection of 5mb to stream HD video and even 4K only takes around 20-25. It’s your Wi-Fi that’s letting you down.

How different it could all be with devolo Magic…

Before devolo Magic…

Your router is pluckily attempting to pump Wi-Fi around your home but walls, doors, the microwave and maybe even your fish tank (water and Wi-Fi don’t get on) are all blocking the signal.

After devolo Magic…

There, that’s better…

Magic takes devolo’s mastery of Powerline AV technology and improves on it even further. 

Previously, Powerline AV used your home’s wiring to summon up internet speeds of up to 1200Mbps in every room of the house. Now, devolo Magic is the first device to use a new Powerline standard called, offering speeds up to a scorching 2400Mbps. Phew.

Magic also adds Wi-Fi mesh networking to make wireless connectivity just as easy as wired. Now, a new Wi-Fi hotspot is conjured up at any power socket that you plug a devolo Magic adaptor into. That means walls, ceilings, closed doors mean nothing. They cannot block the precious Wi-Fi from its rightful destination, ie: your phone, TV, wireless speakers and console. 

You can also make use of devolo Magic’s Ethernet ports. Just plug the Magic adaptor in, at a plug socket located near your smart TV, plug your telly into that, and run an Ethernet cable to your TV. This also works for Ethernet-compatible streaming boxes, consoles, Blu-ray players, and more.

We don’t usually get all that excited about home networking solutions but we make an exception for devolo because we effing love devolo’s home networking solutions. Their dLAN Powerline adapters are the best in the business, their Wi-Fi repeaters rock and the GigaGate bridge is, uh, hard to describe, but it is on point

But devolo Magic is its best yet. It offers better Wi-Fi speed, more range and more stability, thanks to the mix of ultra-high-performance Mesh-WiFi and the very latest version of its Powerline tech. 

Now, you will always find Wi-Fi in your kitchen at parties…

You get ultra-fast Internet anywhere with devolo Magic; it’s a kind of devolo Magic.

It offer speeds of up to 2,400 Mbps, which is easily enough for all current applications, from 4K video to Fortnite. At that kind of speed, even 8K video can be streamed, or the most demanding VR games and apps.

Mesh-WiFi included too

A new addition to devolo’s home network arsenal, mesh Wi-Fi is in devolo Magic. This intelligent networking means "Fast Roaming", where your smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices are always connected to the strongest Wi-Fi hotspot in your home. 

You’ll really feel the benefit of this as you move from room to room, watching videos of cats doing amusing things.

devolo Magic: for all your audio-visual streaming needs

Fully automated: devolo Magic installs itself

All devolo Magic adaptors automatically take on the Wi-Fi settings of your router. The tightly "meshed" WiFi network that results is rocket-fast. Even better, for most of us, setup is possible without the need for a PhD in advanced engineering and cybernetics.

Plug in your first adapter, and every subsequent adapter (within the next two minutes) is automatically connected to the same super-fast Magic network. The connection which is established is secure and protected from external access. devolo’s new Home Network app offers a step-by-step installation guide, if that’s still somehow too complicated for you.

Once setup is completed, in a matter of minutes, devolo Magic can guarantee super-fast streaming, gaming, music and browsing, even in areas of your home which were previously notorious blackspots.

There, that cheered you up.

devolo Magic: where can I buy it?


devolo Magic is available online and in shops made of bricks. From Starter Kits, and single adapters for expanding Magic networks, to a Whole-Home WiFi Kit for larger abodes, devolo has something for everyone. There’s a three-year manufacturer's warranty for all products, too.

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