Celebrate International Women's Day with these 5 badass movies, streaming now

Enjoy the best of the best this International Women's Day

The Favourite
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Happy International Women's Day! Whether it's supremely talented actors, directors, writers or even cast and crew, the world of film would be nowhere without women and what better day on the calendar to celebrate their contribution both in front of and behind the camera? 

Of course, badass doesn't necessarily mean someone going all Black Widow and beating everyone up or saving the entire world. It's about being authentic and we want to highlight those who are smashing it regardless of genre. Here are 5 awesome movies you can stream right now from a choice of the best streaming services

1. Lady Bird

Greta Gerwig has to feature on this list somewhere, so why not start with arguably her best movie? She wrote and directed this brilliant movie as her debut and it's going to be hard to top however many films she makes.

Lady Bird is a stunning coming-of-age story of a young girl in Sacramento who wants more than anything to escape her suburban life. Approach college age, her dream is of a life in New York, but that's not what her mum has planned. 

Saoirse Ronan is incredible as the title character while Laurie Metcalfe is oh so good as her mother. The two share so many simultaneously hilarious and heartbreaking scenes and by the end, if you're anything like me you'll be bawling your eyes out. 

Lady Bird is streaming on Amazon Prime Video and BBC iPlayer in the UK and Paramount Plus in the US. 

2. The Favourite 

Yorgis Lanthimos' brilliant 2018 film saw all three of its female stars nominated for Oscars, with Olivia Colman winning. 

In 18th century England, Emma Stone and Rachel Weisz play warring confidantes (and lovers) of Colman's increasingly ailing Queen Anne in this top-tier black comedy. With both trying to win the Queen's favour for their own gain, the two soon resort to any means necessary to get the upper hand. Expect levity yes, but also heaps of tension. 

The Favourite was nominated for no less than ten Academy Awards and is widely considered one of the best movies of the 21st Century and I agree. 

Stream The Favourite on Netflix or Disney Plus in the UK or Hulu in the US. 

3. Women Talking 

Dealing with an uncompromisingly horrific situation it's up to the women of a remote Mennonite colony to make an incredibly tough decision. Do nothing, leave or stay and fight. 

Sarah Polley's film is based on Miriam Toews's superb novel which was itself inspired by some truly awful real events. The story takes place largely in the hayloft of a farmhouse as the women debate their options. The incredible cast includes Jessie Buckley, Claire Foy, Rooney Mara, Frances McDormand Judith Ivey and Ben Whishaw as the lone man permitted into the meeting. 

It's not an easy watch but the strength of the women on screen is radioactive and makes for essential viewing. 

Women Talking is streaming on Amazon Prime Video. 

4. Aftersun 

Tissues are a must for this 2022 knockout. Aftersun is something incredible, made all the more special by the fact it was Scottish writer/director Charlotte Wells' feature debut. 

Filmed primarily from the perspective of a late 90's camcorder, this is a movie ostensibly documenting a father-daughter holiday in Turkey but also so much more. Paul Mescal plays young single father Callum, treating his daughter Sophie to a summer holiday in Turkey. 

It's full of warmth, nostalgia and love but also waterfalls of emotion. Saying much more would be spoiling but it's a rare movie that's worth a watch, and then an immediate rewatch.

Aftersun is streaming on BBC iPlayer in the UK and on Fubo in the US. 

5. Bottoms

And now we come onto something wonderfully silly. The crass teen comedy has long been seen as solely the territory of men and boys but Bottoms redefines that with an unashamedly raunchy premise that leads to one of the funniest movies you'll watch.

Tired of being single unpopular girls PJ and Josie let a lie spin out of control and use it to form a girls-only fight club. As well as bringing them physically closer to their crushes, the club starts to mean more than that to its members and PJ and Josie find themselves over their heads. 

Honestly, this is a lewd, crude and utterly brilliant satirical comedy that will live long in the memory. Writer/Director Emma Seligman is one to watch out for while stars Rachel Sennott (who co-writes) and Ayo Edebiri are already taking over the airwaves. 

Bottoms is streaming on Amazon Prime Video. 

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