Best Time Killer Games: Play online games for free

Passing time has never been easier

Want to play online time killer games for free? Fear not, T3 have you covered with our pick of the best Miniclip games to help you you beat the boredom

Love playing online time killer games for free? Whether you want adventure, shooting or puzzle games, such as Sudoku, to beat the boredom of the office, the following games won't let you down.

You could get some Angry Birds or Tiny Wings action on the go, but you better come up with a good excuse for staring at your smartphone instead of your computer screen if you get caught . Helping you take a break from the spreadsheets, and eek out the end of the working day or week, here's T3's pick of the best timekiller games to play right now, right here.

Super Cyclone

Miniclip Free Bike

Zombie Defense Agency

Run and Gun

Red Code 3

Gravity Guy

Monster Trucks Nitro

Obama Alien Defense

Canyon Shooter 2

Monster Island

Soccer Stars

Railroad Rampage

Saloon Brawl

On the Run Vegas

Monster Island