Best last-minute Christmas booze deals for gifts or celebrating

Give the greatest Christmas gift of all, this festive season: the present of hard liquor

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It's the season to be jolly, and nothing helps people get in the festive spirit quicker than some festive spirits. At this time of year I get sent all manner of seasonal boozes, and so I've picked out my favourites. Alcoholic beverages aren't just for getting yourself tipsy – if they have a classy label and bottle, or come in a nice box, they also make great gifts, that can be picked up from a corner shop or supermarket, or bought from the internet. I could not believe how big Amazon's booze section is these days, and with Amazon Prime you can still get next-day delivery right up to Christmas Eve. That's handy if you've forgotten a present for someone. Then again, why are you so forgetful and disorganised? Hmm, maybe you should cut back on the hard liquor a bit in the New Year.

Not a drinker at all? Peruse T3's best Christmas gift ideas for more wholesome, alcohol-free suggestions.

Best Christmas booze gifts

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Glenmorangie A Tale of the Forest

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Glenmorangie A Tale of the Forest

Glenmorangie's first ever whisky crafted from barley kilned with woodland botanicals is described as 'perfect for the winter months' and I can vouch for the quaffability of this lightly floral, woody Scotch. 

Glenmorangie says the drink is "inspired by Dr Bill’s walks through the forest," although it neglects to mention who this mysterious Dr Bill is – presumably he's a bigwig at Glenmorangie. 

Cazcabel Coconut

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Do you know what there's not enough of? Spirits that taste of coconut. Now though, there's finally a new competitor for Malibu, but while that is a coconut-flavoured rum, this is a coconut-flavoured tequila or, to be totally accurate, a coconut liqueur that has some tequila in it. 

The result is a rather dangerous concoction that tastes like its for children when drunk neat, yet has the innate destructive power of hard liquor. I recommend mixing with plenty of cola, lemonade or even hot chocolate if you're truly sinful. Also comes in coffee, honey and 'blanco' varieties.

Jameson Black Barrel

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Jameson Black Barrel

Another premium whiskey from a usually more high-street type brand, Jameson Black Barrel is a fantastic aural barrage of smokey caramel notes that is perfect in an Old Fashioned or any other classic whiskey cocktail. Also pairs well with a variety of foods – most notably, meaty and smokey ones. Cheers!

Christmas spirits

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Roku Japanese Craft Gin

The Japanese like nothing better than to take the world's finest spirit, give them a distinctive Japanese twist, then sell them back to the world in a very nice bottle. Roku has rightly become renowned in short order, for its blend of six Japanese botanicals – Sakura flower, Sakura leaf, Yuzu peel, Sencha green tea, Gyokuro refined green tea and Sanshō pepper. The result is a highly refreshing drink that's perfect with posh tonic – or try it with sake for a Japanese-themed martini. 

Christmas spirits

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Brewdog Seven Day Vodka

Presumably so named because that's how long your hangover from it will last, this vodka is made in 'triple bubble copper pot stills' in 'Scotland’s first carbon negative distillery'. So you're helping the planet, while damaging your liver. 

The triple bubble distillation process yields a crystal clear spirit vapor that is purified via 'a column so high, we had to rebuild our roof around it.' So that's nice. The resulting voddy is crisp, clean, sweet and all too drinkable. Hic! 

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