The best camping tables 2020: from picnic tables to convenient foldaways

Eat and entertain in style on the campsite with our pick of the best camping tables for prepping food, dining outdoors and simply enjoying the slow life

best camping tables: men eating outside
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Although on the surface they might appear to be a rather mundane purchase at first, investing in the best camping table for the type of outdoor holidays you regularly take can elevate your al fresco dining experience. 

Even if you're into wild camping rather than car camping, there are still highly portable and lightweight camping tables around to rest your food and drinks on. After all, it's much harder for the ants to get at your dinner when it's elevated off the grass.

While at a push you can get by with just a camping chair, a camping tabIe can make all the difference when you're eating dinner under starry skies or breakfast on sun-drenched mornings, giving you extra space to lay out food and drinks for you and your camping squad. Combine it with one of the best camping stoves and the best camping cookware set for the ultimate outdoor dining experience. 

Clear off the food and drinks later on and you can use the table to set up a card game or to position a camping lantern to read by later in the evening.

The best camping tables, just like camping mats, serve multiple purposes and can be used as food prep areas in addition to dining tables, proving themselves to be a versatile bit of camping furniture. Durable, all-weather camp tables that fold neatly away score extra brownie points, as do those designed with built-in storage.

These might be handy nooks and drawers within which you can store your outdoor cooking utensils, cutlery and dishes when not in use. You could even arrange your camping kettle and cups on top of the table for a make-shift drinks station during the day.

Best camping tables: our expert pick

  • The best camping tables offer stability, first and foremost, so pay attention to the type of legs on the table you're interested in buying. Ideally you want adjustable legs to make it far more steady on uneven ground. Also look for wipe-clean tops and a neat folding design for easy packing away.
  • Our current top pick is the simple yet highly functional Outwell Pemberton Picnic Table and Benches Set. It has everything needed for a group of four to dine outside when camping, with a waterproof finish to shrug off the rain (and wine spills).

Whether you’re looking for an outdoors table to seat a few or to seat many, we have some fantastic options below. So pull up your chair and a take a look at our best camping tables buyer’s guide to find the one for you.

The best camping tables to buy now

Best camping tables: Outwell Pemberton Picnic Set in black

1. Outwell Pemberton Picnic Set

The best camping table for family dining

Material: Moulded plastic table top, steel frame
Weight: 12.8kg
Includes: Table with two benches
Seats: 4
Reasons to buy
+Opens and folds in seconds +Benches attach to table for easy storage +Waterproof so it can be left outside 

You’ll notice that most of the products in our best camping tables buyer's guide  don’t come with camping chairs, meaning you’ll need to buy some separately. Luckily, we have a great buyer's guide on the best camping chairs too!

The beauty of the Outwell Pemberton Picnic Set is that it comprises both a table and two benches. Not only that, but the benches attach to the table when dismantling, meaning you can haul both together in one compact, handled case. 

The Pemberton Picnic Set promises longevity, too, with its steel frame and waterproof plastic surface built to survive many a tent-based adventure. 

2. Vango Bamboo Table

The best outdoors table for luxury camping

Material: Bamboo, Aluminium
Weight: 7.96kg
Includes: Table
Seats: 4
Reasons to buy
+Adjustable legs+Simple to setup+Built-in cup holders
Reasons to avoid
-No storage bag

This gorgeous bamboo-topped camping table will add a splash of glamour to the dreariest of campsites. It's not all good looks and no substance, though – it's easy to clean and has a folding design that enables it to be stowed away easily and quickly. 

The adjustable legs and frame create maximum stability, even on rough terrain, and the entire table is made of superb materials that will withstand regular use outdoors.

Wipe it down after your meal and you'll have an amazing surface upon which to play cards, read, or set up your camping lantern to chat by. 

Best camping tables: Zempire Gullwing Table

3. Zempire Gullwing Table

A clever option with extra storage

Material: Laminated MDF, steel frame
Weight: 9kg
Includes: Table with detachable hammock and carry handle
Seats: 6-8
Reasons to buy
+Hammock for storage +Folds down to save space

Sitting around playing cards or board games in the open air is one of the most enjoyable things about camping. But you’ll need a table that’s not going to keel over in the breeze. With angled legs and hardy supports at each end, the Zempire Gullwing Table is one of the steadiest camping tables you can get. 

A detachable hammock underneath is handy for keeping your games off the damp grass, while the table’s easy-clean, laminated MDF surface makes it easy to wipe away wine and juice spillage. 

When it’s time to call it a day, the table’s three-fold design enables you to stash it away out of sight, until you’re ready for a rematch. 

Best camping tables: OEX X-Lite Camping Table in red

4. OEX X-Lite Camping Table

A lightweight camp table for taking on multi-day adventures

Reasons to buy
+Lightweight and small+Rugged surface+Built-in cup holders

If you prefer to travel on foot, you’re obviously not going to be able to lug around a big camping table. So that’s where OEX’s X-Lite comes in handy. With its featherweight aluminium-and-canvas construction, this cute little table is perfect for hiking expeditions. 

Easy foldability and two mesh drinks holders mean you can stop just about anywhere for a rest and a brew, and there’s also a couple of side pockets for temporarily stashing flasks, compasses or any other rambling paraphernalia.

It goes without saying that you’re not going to get many people around it, but if you’re looking for a cheap and cheerful two-person set-up, this one’s hard to beat.

Best camping tables: Vango Granite Duo 160 Table

5. Vango Granite Duo 160 Table

The best camping table for bigger groups

Material: Aluminium
Weight: 8.28kg
Sits: 8
Includes: Folding table with carry handle
Reasons to buy
+Large enough to seat a big party+Adjustable to dining or coffee-table height +Folds down into a carry case

If your camping squad is growing, investing in the longest table in our best camping tables guide will help you accommodate the throng. It's also made by camping royalty Vango, so you already know this is a winner.

Built from sturdy but lightweight aluminium, and featuring an easy-clean, granite-effect surface, Vango’s 160cm offering will seat eight people – yet folds down to a fraction of the size to help it fit in the back of your car. 

Adjustable feet provide extra stability on uneven ground, and you can even alter the height to make it more like a coffee table when not eating.

Best camping tables: Eurohike Basecamp Camping Storage Table

6. Eurohike Basecamp Storage Table

The best camping table for storing lots of supplies

Material: Aluminium
Weight: 7.7kg
Sits: 6
Includes: Table with storage compartments
Reasons to buy
+Keeps food and gear dry +Adjustable telescopic legs +Washable compartments

It may look a bit like one of those contraptions that magicians use to saw their smiling assistants in half, but this is actually Eurohike’s ingenious solution for keeping luggage dry and hidden from would-be thieves. 

The Basecamp Storage Table features two concealed off-ground storage compartments that are accessed via a zipped entrance, plus two extra side compartments for stashing away any additional bags and accessories. 

The table is a dream to manoeuvre, too, with telescopic legs that adjust to suit your required height, and a modest weight that makes it easy to carry from one place to another.  

Best camping tables: Kampa Happy Table

7. Kampa Happy Table

A budget option if the Outwell Pemberton is out of reach

Material: ABS table top, aluminium and steel frame
Weight: 7.3kg
Sits: 4
Includes: Table with carry handle, briefcase
Reasons to buy
+Folds away into a briefcase +Comes with a parasol hole +Rigid construction 

Worried that your car won’t be big enough to carry all your camping supplies? Here’s a solution: a one-piece, four-seater camping table that folds down neatly into a briefcase (of sorts). 

Kampa’s unit is super-simple to put up and to fold down. Its hybrid aluminium and steel frame is lightweight yet rigid, while the robust ABS table top will withstand everything from camping gear being thrown down upon it to impromptu rain spells. 

Saying that, you won’t have to suffer the latter if you put up a weatherproof parasol – and a handy hole in the table’s surface enables you to do exactly that.

Best camping tables: Quest Deluxe Slatted Slide Out Table

8. Quest Deluxe Slatted Slide Out Table

The ideal camping table if you need extra space, fast

Material: Aluminium
Weight: 7.4kg
Sits: 6
Includes: Table
Reasons to buy
+Durable build+Wipe clean+Extendable

If the weather suddenly takes a turn for the better, there’s a chance you could become inundated with more arrivals. 

Save your new guests from having to eat dinner on their laps with this quality table from Quest. Constructed from slatted aluminium, it easily extends from 94cm to 130cm – big enough to seat six people comfortably. 

Once you’ve finished your meal, you can fold this camping table down to a compact size, with its lighter weight making it a breeze to carry back into your tent or the boot of your car. 

The best camping tables: Regatta Cena Table

9. Regatta Cena Camp Table

A sturdy, long-lasting outdoors table with adjustable legs

Material: Aluminium, fibreboard
Weight: 8kg
Sits: 6 people
Includes: Folding table
Reasons to buy
+Lightweight yet durable+Folds into itself
Reasons to avoid
-Rather plain looking-Gets cold to the touch

If you’re looking for a trusty camping table that will last for many camping trips to come, you can’t really go wrong with this one from Regatta. 

While it doesn’t come with any chairs, it features adjustable legs so you can ensure  the table is at the right height for your existing camping furniture. It also folds into itself for easy transportation from the car to your pitch. 

Coleman Packaway Table

10. Coleman Packaway Table

Camping table to go? You go it!

Material: Aluminium, Polyester, PVC
Weight: 8.4kg
Includes: Table with two benches
Reasons to buy
+Folds into compact carry case+Machine washable seat covers
Reasons to avoid
-Padded seats are added weight

The ideal table for families of four or a group of friends, this sturdy picnic table and benches folds down into one compact carry case for easy transportation. 

If you’re looking for that extra touch of comfort, the benches feature removable padded seat covers, which are machine washable – great after coming back from a particularly muddy trip.