7 top tips on how to keep warm at night

If you're feeling the chill factor at bedtime, these top tips will keep you cosy under the covers

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While the winter months bring the joys of snow days, sledding and snowmen, sadly this also means freezing temperatures at night. Worse still, this can often make bedtimes extra chilly.

Nobody likes to climb under cold bedsheets at a time when they want to relax and get cosy. In fact, being too hot or too cold can affect the quality of our sleep. The good news is, if you do struggle to get warm, sleep experts agree it's much easier to warm up your bed than to cool it. While investing in the best duvet for you, with a higher tog rating, should probably be your first move, there plenty more tricks to help keep you cosy when the temperatures fall. If those cold nights are keeping you up all, read on for some ways of staying warm for the perfect slumber.

Sleep is extremely important for our health and wellbeing, so it is essential to get the right amount of shut-eye to function throughout the day. If you're having other issues dropping off, read our tips on how to sleep better at night and how to fall asleep quickly. And if you've landed on this article at the wrong time of year and actually want to learn how to keep cool, fear not, we also have some tips for how to sleep in hot weather

1. Cool down to keep warm 

While it makes perfect sense to crank up the heating or snuggle under a pile of blankets, we actually need a cool environment to keep warm. Sleep experts advise to set the right temperature in your room which is comfortably cool, to help us warm up. The recommended temperature to set your thermostat is between 60-67 degrees before bed. If too high, our bodies will overheat and result in us tossing and turning at night.

2. Pre-heat your bedroom

While we tend to heat up the whole house when the temperature drops, it's actually more economical to heat only the bedroom. Set your thermostat on a timer before you go to bed and make sure to shut the door to retain the heat. This will ensure that your bedroom is nice and toasty for a comfortable night's sleep.

Check out our guide to the best portable heater if your home's heating needs a little help.

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3. Upgrade your duvet

An obvious way to keep warmer at night is to invest in a thicker duvet. The higher tog rating recommended for a winter duvet is 13.5 or 15, which provides more insulation. Head to our best duvet ranking for our current recommendations – including versatile 3-in-1 designs that are designed to keep you exactly the right temperature all year round. These include a low-tog and medium-tog duvet that can each be used individually, or fastened together for one ultra-cosy option. 

To ramp up temperatures further, add an electric blanket or even a heated duvet, most of which come with adjustable temperature controls and pre-set pre-heating options to get your bed warm before bedtime, plus timers to automatically turn off so you won't wake up in a sweat!

4. ... or layer up your bed

If you still feel cold under your duvet, layer up your bedding to create extra warmth. The tip is to create layers of thin top sheets and thick blankets to provide more insulation. This also means you can easily remove a layer if you get too warm during the night. 

5. Don't get cold feet 

There's nothing more uncomfortable (and annoying for partners!) than cold feet in the bed. Our feet can be the coldest part of our body at night and according to sleep experts, warm feet can help to regulate our body's overall temperature. So why not invest in a pair of lightweight bed socks to keep your tootsies warm? Try to avoid thick or fleece socks though, as those can make you overheat.

6. Enjoy a nightcap

 You can't beat a nice mug of hot chocolate at the end of the day. In fact, hot drinks before bed are not only good for keeping warm but also relax the body to make us more sleepy. The heat also helps to cool our body temperature down slightly so we don't overheat. And if you want a perfect night's sleep, herbal teas such as chamomile, valerian and green tea all have natural ingredients to help us sleep soundly. 

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7. Wear flannel PJs 

Wearing suitable nightwear to bed can keep you warm. Flannel nightwear is the best material as it retains the heat, keeping you cosy at night and first thing in the morning. Avoid fleece or wool nightwear as you don't want to get the sweats in the middle of the night. Since we tend to move around a lot at night, make sure your nightwear is a loose and breathable fit so it can move with you. 

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