Tesco Hudl's factory reset does not wipe it clean

Budget tablet has a "flaw in the firmware", say security experts

The factory reset feature on Tesco's Hudl tablet reportedly does little to delete personal data.

Before selling your tech on, using the factory reset option goes without saying to assure to the memory is wiped clean.

Although according to a recent investigation, the factory reset on Tesco's budget Hudl tablet does very little to delete sensitive information.

The BBC teamed up with Ken Munro, a security expert from Pen Test Partners, in order to see how easy it was to recover information from the Hudl.

After purchasing 10 second-hand Hudls off eBay, they began running tests.

Munro discovered the Hudl was particularly vulnerable because of a known bug in the Rockchip processor at its heart.

Using a freely available software tool, Munro was able to easily read data on the Hudls to which the factory reset facility had been applied.

All types of personal data were found such as photos, pin codes, Wi-Fi keys, cookies and browsing data.

In response, a Tesco spokesperson said: "Customers should always ensure all personal information is removed prior to giving away or selling any mobile device. To guarantee this, customers should use a data wipe program."

The spokesperson added that any tablets returned to Tesco would have all personal data wiped.

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There's also been reports that Tesco plans to launch its own smartphone in September.