Cheap TV deals: Sony Bravia just SERVED every other TV brand when it comes to Amazon Prime Day 4K TV deals

Sony 2019 UHD TV bundles with cheap 4K Blu-ray player AND free Amazon Echo thrown in

Sony Bravia TV Amazon Prime Day deals
(Image credit: Sony)

There's not exactly an excess of blockbuster OLED 4K TV deals so far this Amazon Prime Day but if you're after big discounts on quite good TVs, there's already a bonanza of quite good deals. 

As well as this one – Buy Philips 65PUS7303/12 4K Ultra HD Android Smart TV with HDR Plus and Ambilight 3-sided for £515 off RRP (opens in new tab) – there are a load of cheap 4K HDR Sony Bravia TVs on offer, including a number with bundled Sony UHD Blu-ray players and Amazon Echo smart speakers. Stand by.

• Sony Bravia XG81 LED 4K HDR Ultra HD Smart Android TV with Voice Remote – comes with Sony UBP-X500 Ultra HD Blu-Ray Disc Player and Amazon Echo (2nd Gen)

55-inch £799 was £1099 save £300
(opens in new tab)
49-inch £749 was £949 save £200 (opens in new tab)
65-inch £1,329 was £1,599 save £270  (opens in new tab)

Sony Bravia XG81 with Sony UBP-X500 4K Blu-ray player and Amazon Echo (2nd Gen) save… quite a lot of £££ at Amazon (opens in new tab)
On the face of it, saving between £200 and £300 (varies by screen size) on a brand new Bravia sounds good. You like that, yeah? But then delve into the promo deals and add a free Amazon Echo 2nd Gen and money one of Sony's fine, fine UHD Blu-ray players and we are talking Deal Town City Limits. 

You can also get these Sony Bravias without Echo add-ons

Something for everyone here but maybe not as compelling as the XG81 with bonus bits.

• Sony Bravia XG70 LED 4K HDR Ultra HD Smart TV (2019)

55-inch £699 was £899 – save £200 (opens in new tab)
65-inch £899 was 1,097.94 (opens in new tab) save £198.94 (opens in new tab)
49-inch £525 was £699 Save £174 (opens in new tab)

• Sony Bravia XF7002 4K HDR Ultra HD Smart TV with Freeview Play

55-Inch £525 was £671.31 save £146.31 (opens in new tab)

• Sony Bravia XF8096 Android 4K HDR Ultra HD TV with YouView and Freeview HD

49-Inch £479 was £619 save £140 (opens in new tab)

• Sony Bravia XF7003 4K HDR Ultra HD Smart TV with Freeview Play

43-Inch £359 was £399.01 save £40.01 (opens in new tab)

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