The Nokia 8 is the flagship smartphone for trendy young people

It even comes in a fetching Polished Copper colourway

This is the Nokia 8, the iconic brand's spanking new flagship smartphone. 

T3 had a chance to play around with one the other day, you can read our initial thoughts on the device in our hands on Nokia 8 review. We were rather taken by it.

What makes the Nokia 8 so special?

Well first of all, it's a flagship through and through, with the latest Snapdragon 835 processor, QuadHD display, and premium build quality.

It comes in a number of different finishes, including a rather fetching Polished Copper. Which is like, so hot right now.

It even has three 13MP cameras which can all be used at the same time to capture a "bothie" or images from both sides of the camera, if you're opposed to cringey marketing speak.

There's even OZO audio capture, which uses three mics to record immersive sounding 360-degree audio. Perfect when you're at a gig or party.

It's no secret these features are designed to appeal to a young, millennial audience, and hey, there's nothing wrong with that! It's about time smartphones became a bit more 'trendy' and 'hip'.

The good news is, this seems like a solid phone and you don't have to be a millennial to get the best out of it! Best of all, the Nokia 8 only cost €699 (around £550).

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Image 1 of 4

And seriously, read more in our hands on Nokia 8 review.

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