OnePlus Nord camera will have THIS flagship feature

OnePlus Nord exec teases OIS for the 'flagship camera'

OnePlus Nord box
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The OnePlus Nord is getting a drawn-out reveal to build up the hype before it launches in a few weeks, and the company - which loves engaging with the community - has been teasing the handset and its features by giving us a possible glimpse of it in the four-part docuseries, and with employees commenting on what it has to offer directly. 

OnePlus has made it clear that the Nord is going to be an affordable phone that will still offer flagship features - with the camera being one of them. Carl Pei, the Assistant Head of OnePlus Nord, has already alluded to the smartphone packing a 'flagship-level' camera, and he's teasing another feature that'll make it even better. 

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Noted Twitter leaker Ishan Agarwal reports that the OnePlus Nord's camera will feature optical image stabilisation (OIS) that reduces motion blur that can be caused by shaky hands and low light. OIS is usually the remit of high-end smartphones, so seeing that it's going to be present in the Nord is encouraging.  

In fact, Pei retweeted Agarwal, saying, "Flagship camera incoming" echoing the comments he made last week:

"With the OnePlus Nord we're bringing a flagship-level camera to the mid-range price range, which I think consumers are going to be really excited by."

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It sounds like the OnePlus Nord really will deliver in the camera department, which is important for the company that identified that the "camera is probably the most used feature of a smartphone" and so it "had to be great."

We still don't know the camera setup for the Nord, although we've heard that it could sport a dual front-facing camera as well as multiple cameras on the rear. The handset itself is still under wraps, but you can pre-order anyway.

The day after each episode of the docuseries airs, OnePlus is opening up pre-orders that are limited time or limited quantity. The next is tomorrow, and you can check out our OnePlus Nord pre-order guide for more details. 

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