Amazing mens swimming shorts sale + EXTRA 10% off dhb products already on sale

So many reasons to jump into the water this weekend

blueseventy core shorts cheap swimming shorts
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There are plenty of reasons to go swimming this weekend:

1. The weather is perfect for a good splash around (not so great for sitting in the office).

2. The London Triathlon 2019 is this weekend.

3. You can put your chiselled upper body on display (if you haven't got one, check out our article on how to get one).

4. It's just a fun thing to do.

And if you want proper gear to swim in, look no further than the blueseventy Core swimming shorts. Their products are top-notch, high-quality garments for amateurs and pros alike. Even better, Wiggle has discounted off many of their products in their Wiggle summer sale. There are swimming socks, swimming core shorts and wetsuits for up to 45 per cent off, a real bargain for such a premium swimming gear. 

blueseventy Core Shorts £61.75 – was £95, save £33.25 (35%)

Wiggle also offers new customer discounts with the following codes:

• £5 off when you spend at least £30 suing the code NEWGB5

• £10 off when you spend at least £50 suing the code NEWGB

Also, there is an extra discount on dhb products already in the sale when you spend £75 or more. Use the code DHB01 at the checkout.

blueseventy Core Shorts | Sale price £61.75 | W

blueseventy Core Shorts | Sale price £61.75 | Was £95 | Save £33.25 (35%)
These discounted swimming shorts are made out of neoprene to provide extra buoyancy in water. They are also super durable and can withstand hours of pool time or swimming in open waters. Orange detailing for extra swag. Now 35 per cent off while stocks last!

blueseventy core shorts cheap swimming shorts

(Image credit: blueseventy)

Surprisingly, the small size of these practical core swimming shorts are 'only' 30 per cent off so they are £66.50 at the moment, still not a bad offer to be honest. All the other sizes are £61.75, grab one while you can!

Our highlight from the dhb sale: the Aeron Carbon Road Shoe Ratchet is now £60, discounted off from £120, that's half price off these lightweight yet stiff cycling shoes. Get a pair of Aeron Speed Bib Shorts while you there and you'll be eligible for the extra 10 per cent discount too. Just saying.

Matt Kollat
Matt Kollat

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