Beoplay's AW17 collection is bang on trend

And features a colourway for every time of day

If there's one thing Beoplay understand more than any other brand it's that headphones are just as much a fashion-statement as a piece of technology. That's why we always look forward to its seasonal limited edition releases.

Beoplays's AW17 collection is balance, harmony, serenity.

It's inspired by "that magical slice of time, where autumnal light drapes the Japanese landscapes in sophisticated and unexpected colour combinations".

The quite harsh industrial aluminium and plastics are softened by a palette of lilac, violet, grey and deep brown.

You can see the collection below:

The range consists of two speakers and two headphones/earbuds.

The portable Beoplay P2 speaker is available in Lilac, Umber and Natural, RRP £148.

The over-ear wireless Beoplay H4s are available in Vapour and Violet, RRP £249.

The Bluetooth in-ear Beoplay H5 will come in Vapour, RRP £199.

And finally, the adventurous Beoplay A1 Bluetooth speaker is available in Umber and Violet, RRP £199.

They're available on Beoplay's website, as well as other third party retailers and Bang & Olufsen stores worldwide.

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