Best Xbox One X accessories: every extra you need to complete your 4K console

Give the most powerful console in the world the peripherals and gadgets it truly deserves

Xbox One X is finally here, so what better time to start levelling up your new powerful 4K and HDR console than with all the best and brightest accessories on the market? From media remotes to help play and enjoy your favourite streaming services/4K UHD Blu-rays to customised controller direct from Microsoft's ultra-cool Design Lab. We have it all, and so will you, once you've delved into the must have accessories below...

1. SteelSeries Arctis 3 Bluetooth headset

A gaming headset that does it all

Reasons to buy
+Simultaneous audio+Comfortable fit

When it comes to headsets in the gaming market, there aren't many that can offer superb sound, a comfortable fit perfect for long sessions and provide support for both chat and in-game audio. The new Arctis 3 Bluetooth model from SteelSeries does all three. It's also the first headset in the market to offer simultaneous audio (meaning you can direct game audio through a wired connection and maintain a clear wireless link to chat software such as Discord at the same time).

2. Design Lab Xbox One X controller

A bespoke controller for pro gamers

Reasons to buy
+Bespoke to you+Great controller

What's better than a regular black Xbox One X controller? One that's had its colours customised and personalised to your very own tastes, of course! That's what the Design Lab offers, enabling you to create a bespoke pad with panel, trigger and face buttons all ready for personalisation. Better yet, you can even emboss said controller with your very own codename, immortalising its unique setup forever more.

3. Xbox One Media Remote

Perfect for controlling your 4K, HDR media

Reasons to buy
+Makes navigating media easier+Compact and stylish

We all know that using the regular controller that comes with Xbox One X doesn't make for the most ergonomic experience, so that's why Microsoft has produced the diminutive yet user friendly Media Remote. It's perfect for controlling streaming services and playing your burgeoning 4K UHD Blu-ray collection, it and works smoothly with Xbox One X's freshly updated UI. A must for the all-round entertainment aficionado.

4. Xbox One Chatpad

A controller with a full QWERTY keyboard built in

Reasons to buy
+Full QWERTY keyboard+Built-in audio/chat control

Chatting online via party chat or more streamlined chat services such as Discord isn't for everyone, so for those that prefer to text there's the official Xbox One Chatpad. It works seamlessly with Xbox One X, plugs directly into the bottom of your Xbox One controller and offers a full QWERTY keyboard, two programmable buttons and audio/chat control if you fancy mixing up text input and audio chat.

5. Xbox One Digital TV Tuner

Watch Freeview through your Xbox One X

Reasons to buy
+Easy to set up+OneGuide is good

While it was lost in the PR backlash over Xbox One's original features back in 2013, Xbox One X shares the ability to turn your console into a hub for many of your cable and streaming services. The Digital TV Tuner plugs into your console and effectively enables you to watch Freeview through your machine, using the OneGuide to change channels and browse listings. It's incredibly easy to set up too, making it a must have accessory for your new Xbox One X.

6. Microsoft Xbox One Play and Charge Kit

Why wait to charge when you can just play

Reasons to buy
+Charge in standby+Cheap

When it comes to charging your controllers, you can either invest in a charging dock (see below) if you have more than one controller, or go for a single charging cable that enables you to use your Xbox One X to power up your controller while you play. It also enables you to charge while the console is in standby, so your pad is full charged by the time you sit down for a new gaming session.

7. PowerA Mains Charging Station

Kiss goodbye to buying AA batteries

Reasons to buy
+Charges two controllers+Affordable

We know you're going to be investing a lot of time in your new Xbox One X, which means those controllers are going to drained on a regular basis. Remove the need to scrabble for double A batteries with this robust charging dock from PowerA. Officially licensed and easy to use, it can charge up to two Xbox One controllers at once and will power up each pad in next to no time.

8. Fanatec Forza Motorsport Racing Wheel and Pedals

A top racing wheel for a top racer

Reasons to buy
+Real leather+Force feedback

Some of the most striking games running in 4K are racing sims - such as brilliant Forza Motorsport 7 and Forza Horizon 3 - so why not stay on brand and invest in a premium Forza Motorsport from Fanatec? Covered in brushed, anodised aluminium and genuine smooth leather, this force feedback wheel and pedals offer the most immersive way to race in 4K.

9. Madcatz Arcade FightStick TE2

Simply put, one of the best fighting sticks on the market

Reasons to buy
+Sanwa Denshi stick and buttons+Durable metal base

It may be three years old, but that hasn't stopped the Madcatz Arcade FightStick TE2 from remaining one of the best models on the market. If you're a fighting game fanatic and you're upgrading to Xbox One X, you can play Tekken 7, Injustice 2 and Killer Instinct in 4K with a fightstick that won't hold you back with input delays.

10. Seagate 4TB Game Pass Special Edition USB 3.0 Portable 2.5-inch External Hard Drive

Massive storage for all your AAA games and 4K movies

Reasons to buy
+4TB of extra storage+Looks great

The Xbox One X comes with 1TB of storage (a nice upgrade on the 500GB model), but if you're into buying big games digitally, even that 1TB is going to fill up fast. So remove those worries completely with this officially licensed external hard drive from Seagate. Quadruple your storage space in an instant with this fast and reliable 4TB model.