Best cat bed 2021: fun, comfy and practical choices for your feline friend

Cosy cat dens for the coyest of kitties, quirky cat trees and more

best cat beds
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Cats will literally sleep anywhere, but investing in one of the best cat bed will give them a safe space to curl up and nap in, which I’m sure they’ll appreciate greatly. There’s a whole host of options out there to suit your breed of kitty, whether it be a soft and luxurious bed for a gorgeous Maine Coon, or a diverse cat tree for the curious Tabby!

It goes without saying that cats’ needs can vary as much as ours, and if you don’t pick the right bed for your cat, they’ll only end up taking over yours instead. 

So we’ve whipped together a handy breakdown of the main types of cat bed, so you can choose one that’s purr-fect for your cat.

 Choosing the best cat bed 

Your cat may not be able to weigh in on the decision-making process – suffice it to say, you’ll ultimately only find out their verdict once the item is home. But there are some clear criteria you can keep in mind all the same.

For many, the first objective is luring their kitty away from the household’s beds, sofas and other areas that you’d prefer to reserve as a human-only space. Therefore, comfort, material choice and heating possibilities will be high on your list. 

We understand you may want to keep it stylish too, something that compliments your home and doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb – luckily there are many brands offering sleek and stylish cat beds that will look just as tempting to you as they do to your kitty.

 The best cat beds to buy now 

Brambly Cottage Staunton Tree

(Image credit: Brambly Cottage )

1. Brambly Cottage Staunton Tree

A cosy, compact getaway and activity centre in one

Frame Material: : Wood
Cover Material: : Carpet
Reasons to buy
+ Fun but won’t take up your whole living room + Well-made with a sturdy frame 

We could spend all day browsing for cat trees (often more amusingly termed ‘cat condominium’). There are some whoppers out there in size and luxury, but this simple, best-selling product from Brambly Cottage falls perfectly within the basic cat bed realm. 

Great for a cat who likes a cosy space above the general hubbub to get on with some scratching, but still likes to be within purring distance of the rest of the clan, while watching TV, getting on with work or generally doing their bidding.

Petface Igloo Cat-bed

(Image credit: Petface )

2. Petface Igloo Cat-bed

The ultimate oasis, in a foldaway package

Colour: : Multiple options
Material: : Polyester/urethane foam
Reasons to buy
+ Convenient, washable and light  + About as comfortable as it gets 

On the opposite end of the spectrum, the more shy – or just ‘over it’ – felines, will really go for this best-selling igloo-style bed. 

Sharing a house with young kids or other pets can, after all, be stressful for solitude-loving cats. (And frankly, as with many of these products, the world is crying out for a human version of one of these.) 

Either way, this one’s also supremely portable, washable and compact enough to relocate around the house.

Zooplus Felt Cat Den For Shelves

(Image credit: Zooplus)

3. Zooplus Felt Cat Den For Shelves

Thoughtful shelf slot design for smaller homes

Colour: : Dark grey/white
Den: : artificial felt
Reversible cushions: 100% polyester (micro plush)
Cushion filling: polyester wool
Reasons to buy
+ Convenient and washable + Great space saver 

A thoughtfully-designed cat bed that perfectly slots into the Kallax style of shelves made popular by Ikea (similar available elsewhere), this box-ish design belies a comfortable, cushioned interior. 

It’s washable and foldable, and can be placed anywhere within your cat’s reach.

As a side note, it might be worth alerting nervous visitors to your home to the cat’s presence if they find themselves in a room with one of these (unless you want to give them a fright when they unexpectedly lock eyes with your cat, peeking out from the shelf next to your literary collection).

Rosewood Jolly Moggy Natural Bamboo Radiator Cat Bed

(Image credit: Rosewood )

4. Rosewood Jolly Moggy Natural Bamboo Radiator Cat Bed

A handy, neat, space saving haven

Material: Bamboo
Cushion filling: “Ecofibre”
Reasons to buy
+ Good for winter days + Robust design 

Another bestseller, another clever but simple concept. This rustic-looking tube is nicely designed to slot comfortably onto different radiator types, with airy slats and a central gap for the cat to peek out of, should they need a breather. 

The cushion interior is removable and washable, and it’s easy to vacuum inside. Some bright sparks have also noted that, radiator size and cat-willingness allowing, you can add multiple of these together to make a fun tunnel. 

Danish Design FatFace Meadow Floral Deluxe Slumber Bed

(Image credit: Fatface)

5. Danish Design FatFace Meadow Floral Deluxe Slumber Bed

A simple, comfy bed with great eco credentials

Material: Better Cotton Initiative cotton
Cushion filling: recycled fibre filling from plastic bottles
Reasons to buy
+ Sustainable materials + Comfy and stylish with reversible fabrics for a fun twist + Suitable for cats and dogs 

If you like cats and animals there’s every chance you care about the planet too, and this simple but cosy bed ticks multiple boxes in that respect. 

It’s designed and made in the UK, from recycled, carefully-sourced materials – an outer cover made from Better Cotton Initiative cotton and a filling made from recycled bottle plastics. 

On top of that, it’s a great product in and of itself: washable and padded, it’s also one for the fashion fans, having been created in collaboration with the popular FatFace brand.

Meyou Cube Metal Cat Den

(Image credit: Meyou)

6. Meyou Cube Metal Cat Den

Looks good, surprisingly cosy interior

Frame: Epoxy coated metal
Cushion: 50% cotton, 50% polyester
Reasons to buy
+ Versatile colour scheme + Breathable design + Good for scratching 

What this Parisian-designed cat den lacks in soft edges and sentimental motifs, it makes up for in class, but importantly, it’s no shirker on the comfort front either. 

Your cat gets the benefit of a highly scratchable yarn exterior to keep them occupied, but, like all the best beds on this list, they’ve also made sure to think about washing implications too …because even though cats have some of the most sophisticated self-care standards around, a good vacuum from time to time will never go amiss.

PETKIT Cosy Pet Bed

(Image credit: PETKIT)

7. PETKIT Cosy Pet Bed

A smartphone-controllable hub that heats and monitors cats’ whereabouts

Power requirements: : 6VDC, Rated power: 18W/ 3000mA
Reasons to buy
+ Good for busy cat-owners + Clean, wipeable design 

A curveball to finish, which has seen an interesting mix of reviews – some cats reportedly loving it, others, perhaps understandably, being slightly weary to make their first steps into this space-ship style cocoon – but it’d be worth checking back to see what the spread of reactions looks like after a little longer on the market. 

The device works by automatically adjusting the ambient temperature of the ‘house’ via sensors, to create the perfect sleeping environment – which has to be a plus for encouraging better sleep. 

It also conveniently allows you to see when the cat is present in the house. One to consider for smart-home enthusiasts.

Kitty City cat bed

(Image credit: Kitty City/Amazon)

8. Kitty City Large Cat Bed

A stackakable cube for your cats

Reasons to buy
+Stackable tiers+Comfy pillow base+Easy to assemble

This cosy cat cube is perfect for cats who like a change of scenery every now and then. The cube features and inside ‘cave’ where your kitty and can sleep in privacy, and a top tier with a comfy pillow base for when they want a bed with a view. This cat bed can be set up in seconds and you can also stack multiple cubes on top of one another if you have several cats. The entire cube is covered in soft fabric for ultimate comfort and this also makes it super easy to clean as you can simply put the cover and pillow in the washing machine. One purchase gets you one cube along with the mattress and top pillow.

Meowfia Cat Bed

(Image credit: Amazon)

9. Meowfia Premium Cat Bed

A luxury cat cave for your favourite feline

Reasons to buy
+100% merino wool+Handmade+Non-toxic and eco-friendly

This luxury cat cave is plush and would suit any stylish home. Its design is subtle and gives your cat a private space to snooze. It’s made from non-toxic materials which keep your kitty safe and Merino wool is soft and easy to clean, naturally repelling odours and stains. This cave is warm and cosy and the ideal space for medium-sized cats who like their own space. Cat owners say they love the colour and finish, and that it doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb in the home. This product is hand made from one cat lover to another.