Xbox 720 coming 2013 with new design direction?

Reports of new design boss for Xbox

Microsoft could well be working on a completely new direction for the Xbox after it was revealed that the console's design boss Don Coyner has moved on

Don Coyner, the man behind the Xbox and Xbox 360's design direction has apparently moved to another area within Microsoft prompting speculation that the move is part of a new direction for the upcoming Xbox 720.

CNET has reported that it believes Emma Williams has taken over from Coyner and will take the Xbox brand all the way through to its next form. Williams most recently led the team that brought about the new-look Xbox Dashboard which is a complete departure from the design cues of both the original and the previous Dashboard.

There have also been new reports that have suggested the next-generation games console will come bundled with the mooted Kinect 2 gaming peripheral.

Tipped as being powerful enough to read users’ lips the second-generation Kinect add-on will also host the ability to sense when gamers are angry and calculate in which direction they are facing.

Building on the current popular but heavily limited platform the touted Kinect 2 is said to offer increased user interaction and data transfer speeds with the now somewhat aging USB connection to be replaced by a faster means of teathering. An improved sensor and heightened voice recognition will ensure the Kinect follow-up allows for more detailed and core gaming experiences.

Xbox 720 Release

With a number of Xbox 720 rumours suggesting Microsoft could make the grand unveiling for its next-gen console at either CES 2012 or E3 2012, there has been much speculation around what form the third Xbox console will take.

Latest reports have suggested Microsoft will launch two iterations of the Xbox 720 with the first to sport an extremely low price point and be targeted primarily at casual Kinect based gamers, much like the Wii. The second will continue the brand’s run of creating stunning high definition core gaming consoles pushing the 360 style gameplay to the next level.

What features would you like to see land within the next-gen Xbox 720 and Kinect 2 motion gaming peripheral? Let us know via the comments box below.

Via: Eurogamer , CNET