Xbox 360 Bluetooth headset revealed

Plus new remote for Microsoft console

Pick up both headset and remote from November.

Microsoft has revealed a spanking new official Bluetooth headset for the Xbox 360. The new Xbox 360 Wireless Headset is designed to work not only with the console, but also with PCs and mobiles, so you can switch seamlessly between berating mates on Black Ops one minute, and having a natter with your missus the next.

Changing from Xbox to Bluetooth mode is a simple case of flicking a switch. It has eight hours of talk time battery and 300 hours of standby and even packs in noise cancellation so you can get all the details of a game’s sound.

As well as a new headset, the Big M has also confirmed an improved Xbox 360 media remote, which it says will work with stacks of “popular brand” TVs as well.

The remote and headset are both due out in November this year and will costs £19.99 and £39.99 respectively.