White iPhone 4 release date confirmed by Apple claim WSJ

White iPhone 4 to finally land later this month

Lighter-hued iPhone device coming by the end of the month

The Wall Street Journal is claiming Apple has officially confirmed it is to finally release the white iPhone 4 later this month, some ten month after it was supposed to land.

Following a rollercoaster ride of issues, delays and mystery appearances, the lighter-hued Apple handset is reportedly to hit global markets within a matter of days as the WSJ declared: “Apple said Thursday the white iPhone was would be released in the spring, reiterating a projection the company made in October.”

The WSJ claims, which fail to be accompanied by any official Apple quote or statement, follow reports yesterday that sources close to the matter had ‘promised’ the elusive white device would fulfil Apple’s previous claims of a spring release and land by the end of the month.

With everything from the battery discolouring the white shell to the white paint job causing the camera’s flash to overpower images being blamed for the handset’s delays, the lighter-toned device was piped to release by a white model iPad 2 that launched alongside its traditional black counterpart last month sporting a new slimmer, lighter form factor, dual cameras and a dual-core processor.

Will the white iPhone 4 still have a market if landing later this month or has it long passed its window of opportunity? Let us know what you think via the T3 Twitter and Facebook feeds.

Via: WallStreetJournal