White iPhone 4 delay: Glass cover problems revealed

Why we might be waiting longer than Jobs' end of July promise

Glass casing may not be 'white enough' for Apple.

The delay in shipping Apple's white iPhone 4 is due to problems with perfecting the glass covers on the device, according to a source at the Chinese manufacturer responsible for producing them.

Lens Technology, the firm Apple uses to create the covers, is having problems identifying the correct paint thickness and opacity and is struggling to produce a casing white enough to meet Apple's standards according to reports in China.

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This means that the end-of-July shipping guarantee that Steve Jobs made during his emergency iPhone 4 press conference on Friday could still be wide of the mark, leaving Apple with more yet more handset headaches.

Massive stock shortages means shipping for the black model is currently listed as 3-weeks, while the white model is unavailable for order on Apple's UK store.

With Jobs' Friday press conference failing to convince seemingly anyone that all is well with the iPhone 4 and a massive backlash set to continue, the launch of the company's "best ever" smartphone continues to trouble Cupertino.

Link: Apple (via Engadget)