uDraw graphics tablet for Wii announced by THQ

Creative minds get new outlet for Nintendo gaming

uDraw graphics tablet style gaming system announced by THQ

THQ has announced it is to launch a graphics tablet style game system for the Nintendo Wii providing a new way for children and families to interact with their gameing experience.

Featuring a pressure sensitive stylus that can be used with the 4x6-inch drawing space to manipulate, control and design aspects of compatible games, the uDraw GameTablet will come bundled with the uDraw Studio game software when it launches in the UK in early 2011.

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Encouraging imagination and expression the uDraw system will be compatible with a number of titles targeted at children and families alike such as Dood’s Big Adventure that allows kids to colour and control the title character Dood through a number of levels and Pictionary, the Mattel licensed game of drawing a clue for your partner to guess.

Users pleased with their artistic capabilities and post-processing tweaks will be able to make their art a permanent fixture through uDraw’s Save and Share system that allows for created images to be transferred and printed via the Wii’s SD card slot.

An exact UK release date and pricing information has yet to be unveiled for the uDraw system. Stay tuned to T3 and the T3 Twitter and Facebook feeds for all the latest news and reviews of upcoming gaming peripherals and add-ons.