Twitter for iPhone and iPad updated

App now the third most popular way of accessing Twitter

New app makes it easier to post links and photos.

Twitter has tweaked its tweeting tool for top tweeters on iPhones and iPads.

Making life a damn sight easier than it is to say that intro five times, the new application for iOS simplifies the photo uploading process, while also making it easier to create links and access location-based information.

Borrowing from some of the features brought to the recently upgraded Android app, the new iOS app serves up the @ button on the toolbar that brings up all of the people that you follow. Also, if you start typing the name of one of your followers it will serve up autocomplete options.

Adding Twitpics is also a breeze, with a camera icon also added to the toolbar. You can now snap pictures from directly within the app using the iPhone's camera. If you're not happy with the image preview, you could take another or select a picture from your gallery.

There's also the option to tag the location of your tweet and, by pressing the location button in your toolbar, check out what is trending in your current locale.

Another improvement makes it easier to share links with your followers by automatically creating a short url when you paste the link into the text box.

All in all it's a pretty nifty free update which brings the app up to speed with its Android counterpart and then adds a little bit more into the mix. It's available to download from the App Store now.

Link: PC World