Electric scooters and e-bikes for powering around town

You might not have noticed it if you don't keep a regular eye on the personal commuter transport scene, but there's been a steep rise in the number of electric bikes and scooters on the market for those who need to quickly hop from one side of the city to the other.

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The appeal of e-bikes and scooters is obvious: the convenience and eco-friendly credentials of human-powered transport, with some extra juice under the hood to get you to your destination sooner (and to ensure you're less sweaty when you arrive). Here are our current favourites to pick from.

Raleigh Motus Low Step Bronze


Stylish looks, a light frame, and a choice of Eco and Turbo modes - there's a lot to like about the Motus Low Step Bronze from Raleigh no matter what your level of experience (it replaces the older Motus Hub Low Step).

Thanks to some top-end Bosch batteries, when you're sticking to Eco mode then you get a whopping 110 miles out of a single charge, which isn't to be sniffed at, and it can even give you a boost when you're walking it around.

£2,000 | Buy Raleigh Motus Low Step Bronze

Razor E300


Razor is one of the bigger names in the world of electric scooters and its E300 model manages to hit the right balance between power and performance. Topping out at 15mph in speed, you can get 40 minutes of travel time.

That should be enough to power you from one side of the park to the other while other travellers simply use their legs to get from A to B the old-fashioned way. Of course it's small enough to leave in the car too.

£199.99 | Buy Razor E300

Gocycle G3


The Gocycle G3 is designed by Richard Thorpe, former McLaren F1 engineer, and has won a prestigious Red Dot Design Award in its time. Crucially, it's also foldable, so you can throw it in the boot or carry it on the train.

With a top speed of 15.5mph and a range of 50 miles depending on how you use it, there isn't much of a performance compromise considering you can stuff it in a suitcase. The bike comes in blue, white or black.

£3,299 | Buy Gocycle G3

Emicro One Scooter


If you're prepared to pay a little extra for a premium scooter experience then give the Emicro One a look: it gives a battery boost to your kicks and lets you choose between eco, standard and sport modes for your journey.

Note too that this is a foldable electric scooter, so it's easy to throw in the back of the car or carry with you on the bus. Even better, you can charge up the battery in an hour if you're in a rush to get out the door.

£749.95 | Buy Emicro One Scooter

Haibike SDURO AllMtn Plus


If you've got some serious off-roading to do, then electric mountain bikes are available - though there aren't as many, and they tend to be pricey. The Haibike SDURO AllMtn Plus is one of the best options out there right now.

With a powerful Yamaha battery, chunky Schwalbe Nobby Nic Evolution tyres, a top speed pushing just over 15mph, and a range of up to 90 miles on a single charge, it should cope with most journeys you throw at it.

£3,499 | Buy Haibike SDURO AllMtn Plus

Works Electric Rover BR2


If you want the best and most expensive electric scooter out there, this is it - brushless motors, fast acceleration, a top speed of 35 mph and premium parts, the Rover BR2 is a serious bit of kit and ships internationally.

It climbs hills "like a mountain goat", apparently, and uses a regenerative braking system that recharges the battery as you slow down. The Rover BR2 is good for a maximum range of 30 miles between charges.

$5,950 (about £4,500) | Buy Works Electric Rover BR2

Italjet Ascot


If you have plenty of spare cash lying around, want to ride something with a vintage feel, and have always been in love with Italian motorbikes then the Italjet Ascot is just about the perfect choice for an electric bike.

It's certainly going to stand out on the bike rack outside your local supermarket. Hidden away in the leather and chrome styling is an LED display for all your bike's vital stats, and you can scoot around at 15mph.

£3,200 | Buy Italjet Ascot

8. CycleBoard


A host of electric bikes and scooters have made their way to market through Kickstarter, and in that vein we present the CycleBoard, even though it's still at the pre-order stage and US-only for the time being.

It comes packed with mod cons, like a GoPro mount and USB charging point on the handlebars, and you can swap out the deck to personalise it too. With a maximum speed of 20mph, this runs for 20 miles between charges.

$1,299 (about £985) | Buy CycleBoard