Tech Week: iPad 2 and Nintendo 3DS launch

Plus: Mobile phone leaks, Galaxy Tab 10.1 review

The top stories from the past week in gadgets.

News of the Week

More as yet hush-hush handsets made early appearances this week, with the Samsung Galaxy S2 Mini appearing on a leaked spec sheet from Three, the HTC Pyramid popping up in some new spy shots and the HTC Evo 3D getting its specs spilled all over the interweb.

The Nintendo 3DS arrived on the shores of Blighty with a midnight launch, and a designer from Microsoft has let slip that the next iteration of the Xbox will be with us by 2015. Also on the subject of gaming, we also heard that Duke Nukem Forever has been delayed. Again.

In Apple news, the big A sued Amazon for its use of the term "App Store", while Apple themselves got into hot water when it transpired they had OK'd an app in their own App Store that offered to "cure" homosexuals. We also got solid (ish) information that a white and a silver model of the iPhone 5 will be available at launch. Finally, hundreds of devout Apple worshippers gathered outside the UK Apple Store ahead of the 5pm Friday Apple iPad 2 launch, and to reward them, we put out a special, free, iPad 2-centric edition of T3 for them to download.

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Features of the Week

With the iPad 2 launching this Friday, guess what our features of the week focussed on? We published our comprehensive guide to Apple's new tablet, as well as our new monthly guide to the best paid and free iPad apps available to download. And if you have just blagged one of the new iPads, here's T3's Team Apple's reccomendations on what to do the moment it's out of the box.

With the other big launch of the week coming from Nintendo, we also released our top reasons to pick yourself up a 3DS. And if neither this nor the iPad 2 float your boat, we've also got pieces on the 11 great internet firsts and a DIY guide to becoming famous on Twitter.

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This week, the T3 Team discuss the launch of the iPad 2 and the 3DS
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Reviews of the Week

Of course this week we have an iPad 2 review, complete with video, to accompany the UK launch, as well as one for one of its strongest competitors, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. And if you do plump for Samsung's (or indeed Motorola's or LG's) tablet offering over the iPad 2, you'll be wanting to check out our Android Honeycomb 10 things review, too. Also on test was the week's other new arrival, the Nintendo 3DS.

Finally, on the music front we reviewed ace DJ'ing tool the Korg Kaoss Pad Quad, and for those preferring to limit their choons to the bedside table, the cracking Pure Contour iPod dock and radio combo.