T3 Readers: iPhone 4 needs an 8-Megapixel camera

Poll reveals that the new cam's still not good enough

Plus: Wireless charging and a brand new OS

Last week Steve Jobs came on stage at WWDC to announce to the world that the iPhone 4 was but a few weeks away, proceeding to reel off a list of its new features to the crowd.

As expected, Apple has answered many of the questions and fixed many of the problems that plagued the previous versions of the iPhone. With a better screen, camera, OS, battery and design, the iPhone 4 seems to be everything that the smartphone has dreamed of being since its initial release all that time ago.

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...Or is it? We put it to you to tell us what you thought was still missing from the iPhone, and here are the results:

Top of the pile was the camera. Although Apple has upped the iPhone’s cam from 3 to 5-Megapixels and (finally) added a flash, the majority (25.3%) of you think an 8-Meg number would be far better, and se the iPhone 4 aside form the likes of the Desire.

Just behind that with a 20.5% vote was wireless charging. It works nicely on the Palm Pre and Palm Pixi Plus, and we’d hasten to agree that, with Apple’s finesse behind it, a wirelessly charging iPhone would add even more ‘cool’.

While touch-sensitive casing, and AMOLED screen and solar panels floundered around the bottom of your priority list, a complete overhaul of the iPhone OS (iOS 4) stood out as your clear third favourite. 15.6% of you think that the operating system is starting to show its age and that the addition of folders, multi-tasking and customisable backgrounds isn’t quite enough to keep it feeling fresh.

Now that we know all that the iPhone 4 has to offer, we’ll just have to wait until next June to see if Apple will listen to both its fans and critics.