Sony S1 and S2 coming September

August pre-order ahead of September release

Pair of Android tablets look to gazump potential iPad 3 release.

Sony’s S1 and S2 Android tablets have been hankered over by tablet fans ever since the Big S officially pulled off the wrappers back in April. And now the new slates have been dated, going up for pre-order in August before hitting shelves in September.

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The news comes courtesy of a leaked marketing note seen by Engadget. Previously, Sony had only said that it would be releasing the slate in the ‘Fall’. Both the S1 and S2 will be flogged directly by the tech giant, as well as at John Lewis and another retailer that Sony will confirm in due course.

The S1 is the more straightforward of the pair, with a stunning screen and raised rear to represent an open paperback. The S2 is a clamshell tablet with dual screens. Android Honeycomb is the star, with NVIDIA Tegra smarts and remote control skills completing the package.

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