Sony boss takes swipe at Nintendo 3DS

Subtle dig comes as E3 winds up

Non-glasses 3D tech not precise enough according to Sony's gaming chief.

Sony’s gaming big cheese, Kaz Hirai, has taken a sideswipe at the Nintendo 3DS, saying that research by his own company had shown that “naked eye 3D for portables [does not] have high enough precision.”

It doesn’t take a genius to work out that Hirai is referring to the all-new Nintendo 3DS, which lets you play 3D games without wearing a pair of awkward specs. The 3D graphics can be controlled by a slider, which allows you to control the effect depending on your eyesight.

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Hirai did say that he hadn’t actually played with a 3DS yet, making his comments seem a tad harsh. And naturally, he was keen to big up Sony’s own stereoscopic 3D tech, as well as 3D gaming on the PS3. Recent sales figures have shown, though, that 3D TV is suffering from less than amazing take up, in Europe at least.

The 3DS isn’t due to land until late 2010 at the earliest. However, initial reports suggest Ninty has got itself another handheld winner in the making.