Samsung Galaxy Z new pics revealed

Smaller sibling of Galaxy S2 gets Swedish outing

New pictures have emerged of the Samsung Galaxy Z, a smaller version of the Korean corporation's Galaxy S2, which gave the Apple iPhone a run for its money following its April release date

New pictures have been revealed of the Samsung Galaxy Z, Samsung's smaller incarnation of the iPhone-bashing Samsung Galaxy S2.

Of course when we say smaller incarnation, the Samsung Galaxy Z still boasts two 1GHz processors powered by Tegra 2 and a 5MP camera with the ability to shoot 720p video.

It's a looker as well, with a few design tweaks giving it a decidedly more premium feel than arguably even the mighty Galaxy S 2, however don't expect it to have the same eye popping screen, with only a 4.2 inch WXGA resolution panel.

That said, it is running Android 2.3 and has 8GB of storage built-in to make sure you'll never run out of space when shooting HD video to your hearts content.

The handset is available for pre-order in Sweden on a £30 per month contract but there's still no word on whether the Galaxy Z will be hitting our shores at any point. Whatever the case, we just want to get our hands on one!

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Source: TechRadar