PlayStation Phone to run on Sony Ericsson Z-System?

Trademarked domain spotted on PlayStation Phone pictures

Evidence suggests potential PSP phone gaming platform

Following on from the Sony PlayStation Phone pictures leaked yesterday, it appears one of the snaps may have also revealed the rumoured handset's potential gaming platform.

An eagle-eyed reader spotted the domain name '' on the PlayStation Phone prototype picture here which is a domain currently owned by Sony Ericsson.

The phone manufacturer strongly rumoured to help bring the device to life, currently hold the trademarks for Z-System in the US and Benelux trademark offices. Filed this year, the filing category includes "software for interacting or playing with electronic or video games."

The Z-System platform theory is further supported by claims from Engadget the site that leaked the pictures, that the project is currently known under the codename 'Zeus'.

Sony still continues to adopt the stance of not commenting on rumour and speculation, but as the evidence continues to mount, denying the existence of an Android smartphone/PSP mash-up device is likely to get tougher.

Link: Engadget