O2 offers compensation for network outage

Network wants to 'say sorry' for inconvenience caused

While repairs are still ongoing after O2 suffered a network outage last week it would appear as though the company wants to say sorry to those affected

O2 has confirmed that it will be offering compensation for those who have been affected by the network outage that left thousands without the ability to use their O2 services such as texting and calling.

Those affected who are on a contract will get 3 days free data usage which equates to 10 per cent off their bill while those on pay as you go will get 10 per cent on their first top up. Both customers will also get a £10 O2 voucher to spend in store.

Writing via a blog O2 have expressed their disappointment at what happened saying,

"We have now identified all those customers directly affected (those whose devices could not connect on our system) and we and are giving them the equivalent of three days back for the disruption as a gesture of goodwill and to say sorry."

Last week O2 suffered a major outage of their network, within 24 hours however they confirmed that mobile calls and text messaging services on its 2G network had now been restored, however, problems with the 3G network continues and is listed as 'pending' on O2's Network Status site.

O2 customers first reported problems with making phone calls yesterday, with several taking to Twitter to blow off steam.

One user, @mandakal, wrote: Thanks o2 for leaving me stranded in a freezing station #nosignal to call my lift. Gonna take alot of priority freebies to make up for this!

Have you been affected? Visit the O2 Service Status site for the latest updates on the company's services.