No MeeGo phones at Nokia World

Nokia kills off N9 talk immediately

'Nokia is back' claims exec, as focus put on Symbian

Nokia has confirmed that it will not be showing off any MeeGo devices at this year’s Nokia World in London, which has just got under way. That means the much-vaunted N9 will not be on show, instead the focus falling on the latest version of Symbian.

However, Nokia has said it will be showing off new MeeGo kit before the end of the year. Speaking at the event, Nokia’s Niklas Savander said that the event would instead be about Symbian and the ‘here and now’.

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Savander claimed that the event was about, “…three words: Nokia is back.” Considering he also said Nokia was shifting more phones than Android and iOS combined, selling 260,000 Symbian devices a day, surely he doesn’t think Nokia ever went away?

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