Nintendo 3DS cartridges may have up to 8GB?

Rumours fly about 8GB carts on the 3DS console

A forward step for Nintendo with 8GB cartridges?

Rumours are abound surrounding the upcoming and anticipated 3D gaming console, the Nintendo 3DS.

The Nintendo 3DS is rumoured to have 8GB cartridges which will be manufactured by Taiwan-based company Macronix.

The 3D gaming console which can be played without glasses is rumoured to be slapped with a 2GB limit on DS games, so it may be some time yet before we see 8GB Nintendo 3DS games on the shelves.

However, if true, an 8GB cart could mean that gamers can hope for more eventually. Nintendo has yet to comment on the rumour.

The Nintendo 3DS which is expected to launch in the UK in March 2011 was shown off at E3 2010.

However, with T3 receiving a Nintendo invite for an event in Amsterdam on 19 January 2011, we might have more news soon.

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Via: TechWatch