Networks pressure Nokia over Lumia 710 price

Report suggests price drop is to keep it competitive

Nokia have apparently been quite keen to keep their prices strictly set in stone but after the sales of the Lumia 800 networks are looking for more leeway

Nokia has allegedly come under pressure from UK networks to lower the monthly cost of the Nokia Lumia 710 to keep it in line with the current budget smartphones that are available.

Described by Nokia as its more affordable version of Windows Phone 7 the Lumia 710 is still significantly better equipped than many budget phones at a similar price point.

That said, in a report from the Financial Times it has been revealed that networks were looking for more of a price drop after sales of the Lumia 800 didn't quite meet their expectations, despite still proving many experts wrong with strong quarterly sales.

It's expected that Nokia will allow the price to drop from £25 per month to £20 per month giving networks the breathing space they need to put the Lumia 710 in a more competitive bracket.

What do you think of the Lumia 710, is it enough to persuade you away from other budget smartphones? Let us know via the comments box below...

Source: Heise Online