Motorola RAZR Ice Cream Sandwich update out now

Super-thin smartphone now gets the Android 4.0 update

Delayed indefinitely the Ice Cream Sandwich update for the Motorola RAZR has now arrived it would seem with little or no fanfare

The Motorola RAZR Ice Cream Sandwich update is now live it would seem with users reporting that their smartphones have begun downloading the update which would see the phone lose Android Gingerbread.

Despite owners of the RAZR not being given the latest version of Android (ICS was released way back in October of last year), Jelly Bean, there is nonetheless reason to rejoice; those over in the U.S. who have had the platform since the end of July talk of faster speeds, improved UI elements and enhanced features (including face unlock), better voice controls and the ability to access select apps from the lock screen.

Those not happy about the update taking so long to come around have the now resolved tussle between T-Mobile and Google to blame – the former apparently wanted to customise the ROM on the phone to how they wanted, but as Motorola is now owned by Google, the latter was having none of it. Eventually T-Mobile admitted defeat, hence the roll-out for the update starting today.

It's not yet known whether this international update will affect all users or just those using sim-free handsets but as soon as we find out we'll let you know.