Microsoft Bing closes in on search giant Google

Microsoft's search engine takes chunk of Google share

Microsoft sees Bing market share grow year-on-year

Microsoft’s search engine is closing the gap on rival Google after it was found that Bing was the fastest growing search engine in the UK over the past 12 months.

Whilst Google’s dominant 90 per cent share of the online search industry remains relatively unbothered by Bing’s rise, the study, carried out by Experian Hitwise, shows the fledgling search option wrangled 0.66 per cent of the market from the search giant.

With year-on-year growth between February and March seeing Bing increase its share of the search market from 2.96 per cent to 4.39 per cent, a rise of 1.43 per cent, Bing has reaffirmed its place as the UK’s second most popular search tool. Yahoo ranked as the UK’s third most popular search engine despite dropping 0.52 per cent of its market share with Ask rounding out the top four having itself dropped 0.21 per cent.

Speaking on the findings Research Director at Experian Hitwise, Robin Goad said: "Microsoft is starting to make inroads into Google's massive share of the search market, although Google remains the clear leader in absolute volume terms." He added: "It is vital that brands closely monitor the changing trends in the search market, as search typically accounts for between 40-50% of a website's inbound traffic."

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Via: TheDrum