Medal of Honour to be banned in UK?

Defence Secretary urges boycott of EA's latest MoD game

It was a decision that was bound to provoke reactions, just as Call of Duty did with its notorious airport level, but has EA gone too far?

Defence Secretary Liam Fox has asked UK retailers to boycott EA's latest Medal of Honour game after it was revealed that gamers would be able to play as the Taliban in multiplayer mode.

Mr Fox claimed that the game was 'thoroughly un-British' and said 'It's shocking that someone would think it acceptable to recreate the acts of the Taliban.'

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The game which is due out on 12 October enables players to take the role of a specialised group of US soldiers known as 'Tier 1'. They will then engage in combat mainly based in Afghanistan against the Taliban.

EA has acknowledged that its decision would probably cause some headlines but were keen to point out that it was never their intention to cause controversy.

Patrick Liu, the games producer explains: 'We can't get away from what the setting is and who the factions are but, in the end, it's a game, so we're not pushing or provoking too hard.'

What do you think? Has EA gone a step too far or do you agree with them in that it's just a game? Let us know what you think on Facebook or Twitter.

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