LG A510 HD 3D laptop revealed

Converts 2D to 3D in realtime and is erm, 'near' HD?

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LG A510 'near' HD 3D laptop revealed
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LG A510 'near' HD 3D laptop revealed

LG's latest TriDef offering comes in the form of this rather stylish laptop.

The LG A510 is unique in that according to LG it is the worlds first 'near'* HD 3D laptop, now you could spend an entire day arguing what that actually means, but instead why not look at the 'full' features that the A510 has.

It packs a 15.6-inch LED display that in 2D will display what LG says is 'full HD' but switch over to TriDef and the A510 will convert all your 2D footage into 3D in realtime. Powering this rather neat feature is a Intel iCore 7 Processor and a NVIDIA GeForce GT 425M graphics card and 1GB of DDR3 video memory.

In laymans terms what this essentially means is that the LG is packed to the brim with tech desgined to make 3D footage look as good as it can on a laptop screen. Throw in that super stylish design along with some 3D specs which we wouldnt actually mind being seen on our noses and you have a multimedia laptop that actually packs quite a punch.

No word on price as yet, but it's out next month and will be hoping to make a scene so keep your eyes and ears peeled to see it hitting the shops soon.

*We've asked LG for clarification on what this actually means, so when we know, you'll know.

Link: reghardware