iTunes 9.2: new update detailed

What has the latest bump to iTunes got in store

Dev only release of iTunes promises to add iPhone 4 features alongside other new tricks.

iTunes 9.2 is only in the hands of developers at the moment. But that doesn’t mean Apple has been shy about it what the latest boost to its jukebox software has in store for music and movie fans.

Unsurprisingly, the new iTunes is built around iPhone 4 and iOS 4, as it’s now known. You’ll be able to sync up iBooks to your iPod touch or iPhone, as promised by Steve Jobs during last night’s keynote.

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You’ll also get the chance to organise iPhone 4 apps into folders, as well organising and syncing PDFs as books for viewing in the iBooks app. There’s also talk of faster back-ups so you’re not left sitting staring at your PC’s screen while your blower takes an age to suck up new content.

Finally, Apple says there’ll be “performance improvements” to make scrolling faster. However, it makes no mention of bug fixes to help those whose iPods have been scuppered by recent updates. Here’s hoping iTunes 9.2 can do the business in that department too.