Apple iPhone 4 bursts into flames after iOS 5 download

App developer reports iPhone 4 fire after iOS 5 update

An Apple iPhone 4 charger cable has reportedly caught fire after the handset's owner downloaded iOS 5, Apple's new mobile operating system

An app developer in the US has claimed his Apple iPhone 4 burst into flames whilst charging after he had upgraded the device to the upcoming iOS 5 mobile operating system.

Making the claims via Twitter, Gus Pinto, who describes himself as an iOS, Mac and Android developer, tweeted that the iPhone’s charging cable ignited whilst in use, following an update to the developer code version of the recently announced iPhone and iPad operating system.

“My charging cable caught on fire while charging my iPhone 4 running iOS5,” the Florida-based developer tweeted at 12:53pm today.

A second tweet at 1:05pm revealed Pinto had longstanding concerns for his Apple handset following his adoption of the latest software update. He wrote: “scary stuff. I've been complaining my iPhone has been way too hot since I upgraded to iOS5...”

iOS 5 was officially unveiled at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in California last month with the new mobile operating system expected to land in September, alongside the mooted iPhone 5 with integrated Twitter accessibility.

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