iPad 3 Retina display now in production?

Analyst confirms display is already being built

With rumours surrounding the next iPad reaching a fever-pitch it would appear as though the wait is not far off with production already well under way..

Production of the Apple iPad 3 Retina Display is well underway, or at least that's according to industry analyst Richard Shim from DisplaySearch.

The expert in all things displays spoke to CNET about the production of the display saying that Apple had found three manufacturers who had already started producing the QXGA 2048x1536 HD display that would be appearing in the iPad 2.

A huge step forward from the iPad 2's 1024x768 display it's believed that rather than go for AMOLED the display will instead use Apple's IPS technology that allows wider viewing angles.

This would seem to confirm rumours that the iPad 3 will be thicker than it's predecessor measuring in at 0.7mm in order to accommodate the lighting bars needed for this HD display.

Apple have of course revealed nothing about the next-generation tablet however with sources stating the tablet could be ready for sale as early as the New Year we won't have to wait long to find out.

Source: CNET