'Instagram for video' app Viddy tops App Store charts

Assisted by Facebook Timeline upgrade, Viddy takes number one free app spot

Viddy has ridden rides the Facebook gravy train to the top of the App Store charts. The Timeline-friendly video sharing app has already been dubbed the 'Instagram of video'

Viddy, the iPhone app which allows users to edit, add effects and share short videos shot on their smartphones, has risen to the top of the free iPhone app charts.

The free app, which has been dubbed 'Instagram for video' has enjoyed huge success since it launched an update allowing for your activity to be posted on Facebook Timeline last month.

Like Instagram, Viddy allows you to add a host of retro-style filters to add a little personality to often bland life-less mobile videos. Among the filters are Vintage, BW (black and white) and Crystal, while more packs can be purchased from the marketplace.

Clips must be no more than 15 seconds in length, fitting in with the app's desire to capture your 'perfect little moments.'

Given Instagram's massive popularity (it currently has over 40 million users), winning the race to become the video equivalent could be huge for Viddy, considering Facebook just paid $1 billion for Instagram.

Viddy's current link-up with Facebook, which allows for the publishing of videos you share, watch, like or comment on to be published to your Timeline in much the same way that songs you listen to through Spotify and articles you read through The Guardian, is also telling.

ZDnet reports that seven of the top ten iPhone apps are currently integrated with Facebook. Instagram, which was acquired by the social network this month topped the App Store charts for the first time, immediately following the buyout.

Could Viddy be the next app start up to go under the hammer?

Via: ZDnet